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SubjectRe: Music for Williams F-14 Tomcat Reply to this message
Posted bytelephony
Posted on01/31/02 01:00 PM

> As for performance, are you running vpinmame by itself, or running the table
> along with it?

So far, I've only run just the the test program by itself.

> By itself, aka from setup.exe testmode, it should be clean @ 500Mhz. Dunno about
> playing the actual visual pinball/pinmame table.. That could slow it down alot.

It's totally "unplayable" on my 500MHz machine, and no table was used. Just the vpinmame test program all by itself. (My goal was only to hear the music play; a viewable table would have only been a bonus).

I did everything I could reasonably do to free up processor time. The screen mode was set to 640x480 at 256 colors, screensavers & wallpaper were removed, and I ran vpinmame.exe by itself straight off a fresh boot with no other applications open or even on the task bar. In vpinmame itself, I set the display to "compact", set antialiasing to 0%, and tried all kinds of rediculously low numbers for the sampling rate; from 4096 on up.
The music & SFX play at about half-speed, and they're all chopped up and distorted.

On my other 350MHz machine, it works better - that is, the music plays at normal speed and even sounds OK - but every 8 or 10 seconds it becomes garbled for 2-3 seconds and then returns to normal. This goes on for as long as the music is allowed to play; and happens both in attract mode and diagnostics mode. The backboard display looks fine; though Tomcat uses a fairly simple alphnumeric display (compared to newer pins) with very limited number of lit pixels in the vpinmame window, so it should't be chewing up that much more CPU time. I might try a couple of the newer Williams pins and see how they do in comparison.
I actually had the best results on my 350MHz PII MMX by setting the sampling rate to 11025. Otherwise I tried the same setup as the 500MHz AMD K6/2 machine - minimal Windows settings, 256 color screen, no pinball table, and the most CPU-conservative settings I could achieve within vpinmame itself.

I also attempted to run it from Safe mode on both machines, but vpinmame reports some sound driver (DirectAudio or something similar) is missing or couldn't be initialised, and crashes. (No programs that need to access the sound card run from Safe mode, so it wasn't a shock to see that vpinmame didn't like that mode either). :)

I guess that's it for now.
If you need specific information on either or both computers, I'll provide you with everything I know about them. Thank you very much for your help.

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