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SubjectRe: Music for Williams F-14 Tomcat Reply to this message
Posted bytelephony
Posted on02/01/02 01:22 PM

> > but every 8 or 10 seconds it becomes garbled for 2-3
> > seconds and then returns to normal.
> goto directx diagnostics and change sound acceleration to basic acceleration ,
> that should fix it.

Thanks for the pointer.
It still crackles a bit every now and then, but it's NOT GARBLED anymore. And this I *can* live with until I come across a better computer.

An odd 1/8 byte of info... if you let the machine sit in attract mode for a couple of hours, sound 10 (the main song) will come on and play for at least 5-7 minutes, get ended by one of the ball drain sounds (sound 12), then restart and play for about another 5 minutes or so. It'll do this every two or three hours or so (sorry I haven't actually *timed* it) if the game is left unattended. :)

I'm not 100% sure if the real machine did this, but I have the distinct impression it did. I guess Williams wanted you to put a quarter in there just to shut it up. :D

Another thing is if you run the music test in diagnostics, then exit diagnostics with a song playing, it will continue to play in attract mode until a higher priority sound effect squashes it.
Try it: hit 8, 7, 8 (brings up music/sound test) and wait until sound 10 comes up, then quickly press 9.
Try it with sound 13 or 14 too. :)

If anyone has a real F-14 Tomcat I wonder if that will work.
Run the music test and then slam switch it at the right moment.

(EDIT... later today)
After setting the DirectX thing to basic acceleration, it still made scratchy sounds and hiccupted every now and again.. but when I increased the sampling rate back up to 11025, all that stopped, and it plays almost PERFECTLY now.

All I need to do now is figure out which key combination emulates the pin's "Start" button. :-)

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