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SubjectVPFORUMS: MESSAGE JUST IN Reply to this message
Posted bypacuk01
Posted on02/06/02 06:22 AM

I have just received an email from AJ at the VPFORUMS

Email reads:

Hey everyone! Sorry this comes late to you all, but I wasn't sure exactly what was going on...

Good news and bad news...

The good news - vpforums is a thriving pinball community with very loyal members and a lot of new enthusiasts finding their way to VP!

The bad news - see the good news :)

Due to overwhelming site popularity, vpforums cannot sustain itself on a shared virtual host! The site sustains a constant 80-120 members online at any give time of day or night! This is way to busy a site for F5hosting servers, which is why the site is suspended at the moment. Every time they try to unsuspend the site, within 10 minutes, there are over 100 people online and the server load jumps from 1 to 70... killing all the other sites on the shared server! We have grown so fast in the last 3-4 months! Now with shivaSite gone, everyone is even more looking to the forums and now the downloads section I have made within the forums.

What does this mean? Well, it means it's time for a bigger server. I have been hunting around for the last 24 hours looking for a good dedicated hosting option... but they are all so expensive ($400+ up front and $200-$400/month). I believe I have found the answer, and will know within the next 12 hours... if it works, vpforums should hopefully be back up in 2-3 days. I know many of you are going through withdrawls already, so I'm working as fast as I can!!!

I told everyone that the forums would stay up... and they will! I will be looking to you, the members of the community, to hopefully help out with some donations. It's not mandatory, but is definetely much appreciated. Just $1.00 a month from all our members would keep the site going for a year! I thank all of you that have donated in the past... You have helped keep the forums going for this long. I will be able to get some of the money refunded from the current host to apply towards the new host, but it will only cover about a month of hosting at the new host! I'm looking to our other members now to help out. If you are interested, please click on the following paypal link:


I will add you to the list of contributing members, and hopefully soon, we will have some 'Contributing Member Only' sections on the forum! Again... this is not turning into a pay-only site... this is just a request. While there are all the free options out there like Yahoo clubs and everyone.net and MSN forums, I don't think any have ever compared to what we have at vpforums.com!

I'm sure that if the site was unsuspended right now, I would see 100 of you trying to get on right now! That makes me happy to see, because it means we have a great community that wants to communicate and share with everyone! Thank you all for everything you have done... we will be back online soon!


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