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SubjectRe: I said Goodbye to VPForums Reply to this message
Posted byParatech
Posted on10/11/02 09:13 AM

> (I posted this to VP forums as well.)
> Quoted, written by PacDude:
> "I've done nothing but work by butt off for the community and give it all away
> freely and in return, I and people like me are treated like 2nd class citizens,
> just "modders" not real VP authors."
> -----------------------------------------------------------------------
> I have noticed similar attitude towards MODS. I did mods, bugfixes and additions
> for "abandoned" tables like Alien Poker, Cosmic Gunfight, Warlok, Baby Pacman,
> Flash Gordon, Pinbot. I also have Laser Cue, Earthshaker, 8 ball, MP of Pinbot,
> and DOZENS of other graphic updates 90% ready on my hard disk. I've also helped
> various people with their table projects and created tons of playfield images to
> various table authors. Most of these table authors didn't even bother to thank
> me for my efforts (in the forums) when their tables were released, but I don't
> really give a rat's ass. If I can do something to help the community, I'll do
> it. I love playing those tables. That's the only reward I need.
> I also followed the MODding guidelines very strictly, except in Flash Gordon's
> case (which was a Nicky table). That release was an unauthorized mod and I think
> some people got the joke and realized the irony when I put it out.
> I attempted to do a few VP tables by myself (for example I tried Surf Champ by
> Gottlieb) but I just realized that I'm not that good of a table designer. I
> wasn't satisfied and never finished my projects. Most of those old VP/M tables
> play surprisingly well (Tables by Cutter, Tom Scutt, Gaston, Boris, Andre
> Needham, etc.). They created amazing tables from such limited material. I
> probably *could* have rebuilt them from a scratch, but for what reason? Why
> doing the whole job all over again when other people did those things much
> better before me?
> Why should I do something that I'm not that good at, and what I don't
> particularly enjoy? I'm not an artist like Scapino, but I can do a lot of
> technical things to images. If I release a modded version of the old table, it's
> MY way to give back to the community.
> And based on my experience, doing a good graphics MOD is very demanding. And I'm
> not talking about any Nicky MODs that got released two hours after the original
> release.
> I don't like the attitude that some people have in these forums. 95% of the
> regular posters are great and helpful, but some unnamed people whine like old
> women. I had a disagreement with Destruk (it was actually a misunderstanding),
> but we both solved the issue like real men and buried the hatchet almost
> immediately. We ALL love pinball, and that subculture is slowly dying or at
> least getting smaller.
> I think it's unforgiveable if WE start whining and arguing about some totally
> insignificant details, like "should MODded tables get posted to VPM latest table
> releases or MODS and plugins"
> Jesus Christ. Only old WOMEN have time and energy to start fights and arguments
> about issues like that.
> I created a Usenet News group alt.games.mame a couple of years ago, and there
> has *never* been any negative attitude among the regular posters of the group.
> Most of those people don't even *create* anything or contribute anything to
> MAME. They're just fans.
> ALL MODders and table authors are creative and talented people and should get
> respect from others. I don't think many people do these things for personal
> recognition. They do things for US, for FREE. For the pinball community. And
> that's exactly how it should be.
> Face it, VP and VPM scene is getting smaller. Now that AJ is "off the ball", we
> don't even have a site that updates all VPM tables regularly. This all is not
> new and fancy anymore to people who hang around on the Net searching for
> "freebies". And when it comes to popularity, compared to MAME, VP/VPM is just a
> side note in everyone's papers. But who cares?
> WE love this forum, WE love this community and WE can live together in peace if
> this ridiculous hair-splitting crap ends right now. We vote if someone sets up a
> new voting poll for MODding guidelines. Closing threads and voting polls like
> this is unforgiveable, especially when the thread starter was one of our regular
> members who contributed a lot to the community. That's just my opinion.
> This is the first negative comment I've posted since I came here 12 months ago.
> I hope it was my last one as well.
> Kristian.
Many authors just release tables at the best state they can develop them and then simply don't care about what happens, other people just want to see a version of the table released and whatever happens afterwards is moot...

IMSHO all that matters is gamers enjoy the tables...

If you remember, I got slammed for saying I didn't like a certain table as well as another and you'd think I'd damned the author to hell... *roll eyes* ... Even after saying the tables was 'one of the five best' I'd seen at the time made no difference...

I don't think people can vent their opinions at the forum without fear of reprisal, but it's been that way for some time and as PacDude said until it falls it'll stay that way...

The new and improved King of Lamers 2002!

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