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SubjectRe: Why do you stir up so much trouble??? Reply to this message
Posted byPacDude
Posted on10/12/02 06:59 AM

> What is the problem PacDude? Do you constantly thive on finding err in everyone
> ELSE's ways, but not your own.

The problem is not a difference of opinion. People could gripe and debate all they want. Fine. My problem is when new authors are attacked without provocation like in the High Speed 2 thread. That sort of thing discourages new people from even attempting to contribute to the community.

The problem is also when threads are edited, deleted or locked without any good reason. They simply don't want anyone to discuss certain topics, not even in the DEBATE forum and not even when the rules say the issue is OPEN to discussion. That's just plain wrong.

So what is the problem with wanting to correct and/or stop such incidents from happening in the future? Again, the problem is that I can't even talk about it without getting locked, deleted or even banned from posting.

The difference between my faults and their faults is that I get banned from posting and they don't. It's the double standard that is really irksome.

I seriously doubt the forums need much moderation at all 99% of the time. All these incidents have been unnecessary.

Now tell me something. Why is it that *I* am the one "stirring up trouble?" Don't you think maybe it's the fact they have been stirring up so much trouble that ticked me off in the first place? I'm sick of watching new users get harassed or even banned because the moderators have to attack them. Geeze. Give people some leeway and maybe we'd get some new users. Not everyone thinks the same and not everyone is going to agree all the time. It's a fact of life. And it's what makes discussion interesting. But on VPForums lately, it's starting to feel like the Borg.

> love your work, as I did Nicky's. But your attitude needs to change to a more
> positive one... rather than bring everyone down with your gripes about VPForums,
> Visual Pinball, VPM Emulation, etc! You can't blame it all on the Moderators!

Who should I blame it on? I couldn't care less if someone asks one too many times when VP7 will be available or posts a quesiton in the wrong forum or posts the same topic twice. It's the way some of these people are treated (downright nasty sometimes) that irks me. I've been a part of VPForums since its inception. Do you think I left in protest because things have been like this all along??? No, things have been going down hill.

> everything that will please everyone! Hey, we can remove all the rules and the
> bans and open everything back up and see how well everything goes with no
> Moderators! Is this what you want so there's nothing

I never suggested ANY such thing. The fact that people continually choose to put words in my mouth doesn't help things any. I mean look at my rule change suggestions. They are simply red tape removal suggestions to make things run smoother! They were designed to EASE tensions, not make them worse. So what happens? They lock the thread almost as soon as I post it without any just cause. That's the one that pushed me over the edge right there. When you can't even debate something in the debate forum (and I was NOT being inflammatory; I posted suggestions to HELP make things better for BOTH sides), something is wrong.

> VPForums and our 'Iron Fist Rules'! You would have left the scene a long time
> ago if we had no moderation at VPForums becuase there would have been many
> people modding TZ and TAF that would have pissed you off!

See that's TOTAL NONSENSE. I said a LONG TIME AGO that both TAF and TZ are free and open to mod. I just ask that they be marked/named differently. That's it. Nicky modded both at one time and I didn't care much for either one. Did I jump down his throat? Nope....

> You're always wanting to change the rules. Everything is not about the rules...

Well, that's where your're wrong. It's the rules that are allowing the moderators to jump down people's throats at the slightest provocation. I've brought up the lock issue once and the mod rules once. Every other time a fight breaks out over it, someone else has started it, believe it or not. Yes, I REPLY to those threads to defend my view, but I'm not the instigator. People think I cause trouble because I speak out loudly and often about things I'm passionate about.

> it's about pinball. It's about the love of the game... not who did what to who

So why are some people so upset about modding and locks (or lack thereof) in general? I never suggested that locks be included in VP. I never suggested that we needed ANY special modding rules to begin with. It was OTHER PEOPLE that INSISTED they be able to "protect their work." Protect it from whom? How many times have we seen unauthorized mods posted there over the past year and a half? I'm sure I could count on one hand and I don't think anyone ever thought those tables were by that person. We all know who the real authors and what work they did. Many of us document it quite thoroughly. So how can I be an instigator of the problem when I'm NOT the one who created it in the first place?????

> and what table is being modded today. Stop focusing on the little stuff and
> start looking to the future of getting as many pinball tables emulated as
> possible. No table will never be complete... NEVER!

And what have I been doing the past 16 months? Twiddling my thumbs??? Geeze and I have a real job too.

>Look at the last 8-10
> months you've been updating Addam's Family. Is it done? Complete? Perfect? No!
> Will it ever be? No! Because everyone is different and feels the flipper
> setting should be set at 0.007 instead of 0.008!

Hey, they can adjust their own flipper settings. Twilight Zone is almost perfect now in my current WIP and certainly I'm quite pleased with it. I never force anyone to download the latest version.

> Stop the gripes and continue your tables! We keep

Who says I've stopped? I just made a near perfect looking Time Expander animation for Dr. Who and also cleaned the playfield and added a slick cabinet. I doubt anyone will ever see it, though as Kid_C seems a bit pi$$ed with modders lately and I don't intend to release it behind his back (I never have). I may post a picture of it at VPForums (only place I can post pictures currently) to see if he wants it or not, but I wouldn't count on it.

> I have seen
> hundreds of comments of 'Unbelievable work PacDude' and 'WOW you've outdone
> yourself again'!

Hey, I never asked anyone to give me any praise at all for my work. I like to see that people enjoy it, but I actually PREFER to see useful FEEDBACK instead and that is usually in short supply.

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