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SubjectRe: Let's clear up the misconceptions (Part III Final) Reply to this message
Posted byAussiePin
Posted on11/30/02 05:48 AM

> > *SIGH*
> > You still don't get it do you Pacdude??
> > You are what we call in Australia as an "easy catch".
> > What this means is that all someone has to do is dangle a small "bait" (pay
> > particular attention to the word BAIT) in front of you and you come up snappin
> > like a hungry croc.
> > Stop being a sukka.
> > This it what I mean by having BRAINS enough to know when to shut-up.
> > Learn this lesson and most of your forum troubles will fade away.
> > Your too easy man.
> > LOL.
> I see. So what you're saying is that you don't believe the stuff you post,
> you're simply deliberately trying to antagonise and drive away one of VP's most
> skilled and dedicated authors, yes?
> Goodness, the irony.
Well if it isn't "Pirate Nicky Stupi err Special".
Or should I say freelance jurno Stuart C.
I have sat back and read your attempts at sabbotaging the VPF for a long time. Now I know that you hang out here a little pay back is in order.
The difference for me will be that it doesn't matter if I get banned from this dead end pinball forum. What was it you said.... ah yes I don't give a rats arse.
I know what the consequences are for such behaviour on the VPF so, I follow the rules they set down and have no trouble.
Pacdude and you however know those rules too BUT, STILL chose to fly in the face of them and got what you deserved.
As I have said before I like Pacdudes work, always have, too bad he can't stick to that and zip his mouth.
Cya soon Nicky.

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