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SubjectRe: Banned Again Reply to this message
Posted byPinball Ken
Posted on12/01/02 02:58 AM

> Well, it seems I've been banned from posting once again from VPForums. I
> received no explanation why (which breaks their own moderation rules). I'm
> guessing it has something to do with my Dr. Who WIP (which is an authorized
> update of Krellan's Dr. Who table) thread where Kid Charlemagne barged in and
> threw a hissy fit, accusing me of copying his ramps (without proof, based on a
> picture) and claiming he "owned" images that are copyrighted to Williams, both
> of which are paranoid, obsessive behavior. Even so, I didn't flame him, but I
> did call him on such nonsense.
> In return, I now find the thread deleted without mention and my posting status
> locked. This is some thanks for working by butt off for a year and a half for
> the VP community. People begged me to work on more tables than just Addams
> Family and Twilight Zone. And so I have (over a half dozen now). In all that
> time, I have never released a table without permission.
> In return, I get my posting privleges revoked with no explanation and having
> broken no rules. How much do you want to bet that Kid Charlemagne still has his
> posting prileges even though he is the one that attacked my WIP thread (given
> his moderator status)? Need I even mention that I gave him a vastly improved
> version of his own Dr. Who table free of charge? I've never released that table
> (or any Dr. Who table as of this writing).
> I suggest anyone who is as tired of this crap as I am let the staff at VPForums
> know what you think about such actions.
> Looking once again, I see that Kinsey has posted the following as an explanation
> as to why "deleted threads" were deleted:
> "Messages to Staff -> Program -> Reason: Intent was obvious to continue the
> mod/anti-mod war. There are existing threads to discuss the issue."
> That is blatent NONSENSE. I had FULL PERMISSION to UPDATE Krellan's Dr. Who
> table and I never once said ANYTHING about modding any table in that thread.
> This was about Kid Charlemagne accusing me of breaking rules I did not break.
> There is no rule against using photos that are copyrighted to Williams (he did
> not own them). And my Dr. Who table is not using his ramps, contrary to his
> claim. Even so, I've since removed one of the 3 pictures in question. Another
> one is modified and the playfield is something we BOTH worked on and so
> regardless, he can't claim it's soley his "work" even (let alone the fact it's
> from a copyrighted flyer from Williams to begin with).
Well, this is what I posted in the VPForums, and 24hrs later Debate Central went off the air ...


I'm not exactly a fan of PacDude ...

... but I do think that the matter of his exclusion has been handled rather badly.

The guy is obviously passionate (some may say obsessive) about pinball, to the exclusion of other people's feelings sometimes. But that is no crime in itself.

I can sense his 'frustration' on Dr Who, that following on from working on the Time Expander with Kid Charlemagne, the work is effectively put on hold. He's also refined it since, removed further issues, and is now told, in effect, it's not his to play with!

Then the thread on Dr Who is archived (in the Visual Pinball section for some strange reason), and he is excluded from posting. I call that high handed on the part of the moderators!

I don't think any party to this is coming out too well.

I further think we should wind things back a bit here. Let Kid Charlemagne give retrospective permission for PacDude to use the Time Expander in Krellan's version of the table, and stop carping at modders. Let PacDude return on the understanding he thinks about people first over pinball, and stops thinking he's God's gift to Visual Pinball.

If we don't do something like this, we're going to have more and more members wondering what the hell these forums are about. We're certainly going to be the poorer for tables to play. What with Kid Charlemagne's paranoia at releasing his tables to all but a few chosen people, and now PacDude's departure, that's half the 'new' tables gone at one fell swoop!



There've been some good responses to you here, PacDude, so take heart, but an underlying message too. My 2 cents is to believe that your passion for pinball has overidden your feelings for others and what they want. That extends all the way from Randy and Black to lately Fuseball. You've a great knack of swamping others' work in your quest for the perfect pintable, but there're some other great authors out there too. Don't ever forget that, PacDude, otherwise you're going to be treading a long lonely path.


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