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SubjectRe: Banned Again Reply to this message
Posted byPacDude
Posted on12/01/02 08:06 AM

> Well, this is what I posted in the VPForums, and 24hrs later Debate Central went
> off the air ...
> I'm not exactly a fan of PacDude ...

I would never have guessed that attitude from your replies to my table release threads. Love the work, but dislike the person eh PK?

>here. Let Kid Charlemagne give
> retrospective permission for PacDude to use the Time Expander in Krellan's
> version of the table, and stop carping at modders.

Retrospective? I've never released the table so it's not retrospective permission that's needed. And I've already worked things out with KC and he has given me his OK now to use the images in question. It's funny how we've worked things out but the ban persists. He admitted all he got was a warning, which shows unequal moderation practices, not to mention they didn't follow their own warning/reason rule (I still don't know why my posting privleges have been banned). Ironically, it's KC who now says he's going to try and straighten it out. I have to give him credit there.

>Let PacDude return on the
> understanding he thinks about people first over pinball, and stops thinking he's
> God's gift to Visual Pinball.

God's gift to Visual Pinball? LOL. I'm aware of my table build quality, but I hardly thing I've ever come across as egotistical about my work. Having a strong opinion on various issues does not neccessarily equate to an egotistical attitude. I always listen to feedback and I normally try to implement any reasonable suggestions (certain flipper settings not-withstanding) and my tables are always OPEN and FREE TO MOD. I think you've enjoyed the openness by being able to change any number of settings by your own admission PK. I would have thought you would appreciate that.

> underlying message too. My 2 cents is to believe that your passion for pinball
> has overidden your feelings for others and what they want. That extends all the
> way from Randy and Black to lately Fuseball. You've a

Fuseball? What the heck have I done to Fuseball? This is all news to me. I asked permission to update TOTAN and CV and he gladly gave it. He in fact seemed to love my TOTAN update. I don't EVER recall having any problems or even slightly negative words between him and myself. He and I probably get along better than any other authors, although lately wpcmame and I have been working a lot together (I just got a T2 script update from him yesterday).

As for Randy, I haven't talked to him in like over 6 months and I don't recall EVER having any hard words with him. Black is another story, but Black has an attitude problem sometimes (just look back at when he bit Paratech's head off just because Paratech said he didn't think Stein's Jetsons table "was that great." I mean I'm talking about death threats here over a SLIGHTLY negative comment. He said he didn't care if he got banned over it and instead someone gave him super moderator status???? That's the LAST thing I would have done. I mean I appreciate his work on VP, but look what he's doing lately. He's threatening to just let VP6 expire and leave. I'd call that holding the entire community hostage with that threat. Sure, he doesn't owe us to work on VP, but that's just plain heartless. The very least he could do is give VP6 no expiration date if he's going to leave the scene. Better yet, he could hand it over to someone talented he trusts to continue working on it.

My suspicion lies along the lines of him wanting to sell it to a corporation (that would likely change it to something less difficult to use and therefore render it incompatible with the current versions). Thus, all ties to the current version would have to be cut sooner or later in such a scenerio. The main reason I suspect this is because he stated in another thread a few weeks earlier that he had corporate buyers looking at VP and it would likely go commercial or at least shareware in the future and that he "had his own plans for VP" (this mentioned AFTER he said he hadn't heard from Randy in months). I think that's some pretty strong proof that something fishy is going on and it's not just because I pissed him off by arguing with KC over a table. That doens't even make sense. He then deleted his own comments soon after as "off topic."

>great knack of swamping
> others' work in your quest for the perfect pintable, but there're some other
> great authors out there too. Don't ever forget that, PacDude, otherwise you're going to be treading a long lonely path.

I consider every author whose table I've ever worked on to be "great authors" otherwise I wouldn't have bothered with their tables. I generally only try to "perfect" HIGH QUALITY tables to begin with. If they weren't high quality, it would have been easier to start over. I simply try to bring these tables up to TZ or near TZ standards and I fully recognize I did NOT make TZ alone. It was already a pretty good quality table when I started working on it with Dorsola. It's near perfect now, but even so wpcmame deserves most of the credit for the current script.

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