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SubjectRe: Trouble at VPF about a year ago? Reply to this message
Posted bykristian
Posted on12/03/02 08:11 PM

I always wanted to stay away from flames and arguments in this community but now I've had enough.

I will state my opinion here publicly. I also wrote this basic letter to various respected table authors on VPForums and added some text to it:

I think most people at VPForums are relatively new to Internet. They don't realize that there will always be some people who are annoying. Silencing them and censoring them will do much more harm than good. I created a Usenet community alt.games.mame 4-5 years ago (it's totally unmoderated) and there's an excellent spirit there. Grown up people don't need any "net nannies" to keep them in place. Especially all fine _adult_ people at VP Forums.

I think I'm going to create a Usenet community for Visual Pinball as well, and it would be 100% unmoderated. Maybe that would be a good alternative. The only problem is that I don't have access to Tin newsreader (That's essential tool in order to create a newsgroup. I don't have a shell account and I use work computer to connect to the Net.)
If someone emails me and have access to Tin, I could give him very specific instructions how to do it.

It's ironic. I think Nicky Special was right after all. The over-moderation is eventually going to destroy this community. It seems like they (moderators) are trying to spread bad spirit and ill-will _on purpose_. They're trying shut people up with censorship and threats. And we're talking about pinball here, which should be fun!!!

They act like a bunch of little children and they seem to get some kind of "power" when they can tell everyone who can play with their fancy little toys. And they don't even OWN the toys. We ALL do. Black owns VP with Randy, and he has total right to do with the program whatever he wants. But _nobody_ owns our work and our opinions. We're adult people and if someone wants to decide what we can say in a public _PINBALL_ forum, then there's something seriously wrong. It's not only wrong, it's completely SICK.

I'm here just to play & make tables and love it, and now these morons want to destroy that. This whole thing has nothing to do with PacDude, it's their (moderators) freakin' attitude. Like we all members were little kids or something! Basically, it looks like the _members_ exist in the VPForums so the moderators can massage their little fragile little net egos and feel powerful behind their safe little terminal. And it should be other way around.

Moderators should be there _for_ the members, and especially for the table authors. And what they do? They want to shut everyone up and ban every single one of them (except the ones who are too frightened to say what they really think, and kiss their ass).

It seems to me that for some people "moderation" status can be the only chance in life to feel "big". You know what I mean? I can't help it, but I get a feeling that frightened little boys and girls are running the big ship. And when the ship hits the rock they will prove wrong the old saying "rats leave the sinking ship". This time only rats will stay.

This is what one of our respected members wrote to me in PM:
"The same situation exists here with the Moderators. I suspect most have never held a position where they had authority over others and they just dearly love to use it."

And just for the record: I've heard from a reliable source that VP7 _will_ get released, and even if it didn't, we already have non-expirable VP6. So much for the doomsday talk.

When Nicky got banned year ago I didn't like it. I always liked Nicky and his mods. But that was _still_ quite acceptable, because I personally find the modding rules excellent. Nothing against Nicky in person (au contrary, I actually _like_ him and his humor) but Nicky didn't want to play with the rules. Fair is fair. But banning PD was a disgrace. Like I said, I know most table authors and I can assure you that they're _all_ equally disgusted as well. PD didn't break ANY rules, and treating a guy who has released many of the best VPM tables like that is a fuckin' joke. It's like spitting to his face after all the fine work he has made.

And if people _now_ don't have courage to stand up against this kind of TOTAL SHIT, they're not only fucking cowards, but also people who don't _deserve_ to gain _anything_ from this fine community. They don't even deserve to download new tables.

This has gone too far. The moderators should apologize, and allow opinions being expressed, or then the table authors are gone. And trust me, eventually they _will_ be gone.

They're threatening to ban a lot of respected members (even supporting members) from the forums because they posted their opinion of the current state of affairs. MrHide's and Rodgz's posts are getting censored. Another two great, contributing and very intelligent members. This is very soon going to get real nasty.

If they don't see what kind of mess they have created, they're not only blind, they're also extremely stupid.
Or then they want to destroy everything on purpose.
You decide.

What kind of table author wants to play with their
nazi-rules? And I am _not_ talking about the rules AJ made. I'm talking about their own "rules": Whoever disagrees with them have to go.

And trust me, if this policy won't change, we'll have to find alternative way to post our table release threads.
I probably get banned because I posted this opinion, but I don't give a damn. I've had enough of little piggy-eyed nerds who pretend to be big and powerful with their moderation status.

I say to ALL TABLE AUTHORS: Fight back now. Not against great people like Shiva or AJ, not against the fine community, but against the existing moderation rules.
Or be a coward and a sacrificial lamb. The decision is yours.


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