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SubjectA call to arms? Reply to this message
Posted byPacDude
Posted on12/03/02 08:32 PM

> I say to ALL TABLE AUTHORS: Fight back now. Not against great people like Shiva
> or AJ, not against the fine community, but against the existing moderation
> rules.

I'd LOVE to leave AJ out of it, but facts are facts here and I can tell you this much about AJ. I sent him an e-mail and a PM regarding the banning of my posting privleges and I've received NO REPLY from him on either occasion. I've checked his stats and he's been posting since both times and so he's giving me the silent treatment on purpose. Likewise, (and regardless of what anyone may personally think about Nicky), he never responded to Nicky's question of why he was banned a 2nd time when he followed AJ's own given rules for him. So I asked AJ myself what Nicky did. I got no reply to that either (and that was months ago before any of this latest crap).

AJ also silently endorses the rest of the staff and moderators' behavior by NOT DOING ANYTHING. He's well aware of my complaints about the way things were going two months ago and again now as I told him about it myself (in case he was too busy to notice what was happening to his forums). He has said nothing and done NOTHING. He is *JUST* as guilty of this controlling and anti-social behavior as any of the staff members, maybe even MORE so because he is the *one* person that could put an end to this nonsense by either forcing the staff to behave or replacing them with resonable people that aren't on some ego trip.

> Or be a coward and a sacrificial lamb. The decision is yours.
> Kristian

Well I'm starting right here. If I release things from now on it won't be on AJ's and it won't be on AJ's forums. The release will occur here (or somewhere else if we get something better set up). The ONLY way I will support AJ's or VPForums is if gets off his silent butt and *apologizes* for letting this crap go on and then does something about it. Anything less is meaningless at this stage to me.

I'm all for a newsgroup or a new web site or whatever people want. But I refuse to pander to the bologna goin on at VPForums anymore. I too wanted to believe the moderators were just trying their best to do their jobs and they are real people that make mistakes, etc, but it's become painfuly obvious that is NOT the case. They ARE on ego trips. They ARE flaunting their power and they are spitting in the face of you and I.

I'm not sure I even want to send uploads to FunHouse uploads. Some of the same people over there are in bed with the people at VPForums and it would make it too easy on the complacent types to stay where they're at.

I've been talking to many people and a few that are generally nice people and agree that what's happening is wrong also are AFRAID to rock the boat. Well that's a sinking ship people! You better stop worrying about rocking the boat and get the hell off of it before it does sink. Becaues once the authors are gone, VP is gone. Black cannot stop VP. VP6 exists. You can set your time back and it will keep on working (Vpinmame too). It would be easy to hack even to make that unnecessary (if all else fails). The *ONLY* thing that will kill pinball development is if all the developers leave. We can't count on Stern to make real machines even. But as long as there are people that CARE about pinball enough to do something about it, there will always be pinball around.

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