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SubjectRe: A call to arms? Reply to this message
Posted byPacDude
Posted on12/03/02 09:37 PM

> The best solution for everyone would be that the moderators sould get replaced
> with better ones. I mean intelligent adult people like Rodgz, MrHide, Apocalypse
> etc. etc.

I might agree that would be the best solution and I would agree that your choices are reasonable.

The problem is that simply isn't going to happen UNLESS we do abandon VPForums. Look at Nicky's example with the fruit machine forums. AJ isn't even SPEAKING to me, let alone discussing moderation changes. And I'm afraid as long as Black is putting pressure on AJ, things aren't going to change. It would be better to have a separate table development and release forum APART from VPForums at the very least so that the two are NOT affected by each other exclusively.

Look at VPForums structure. All the topics are on the same forums. There was NO need to ban Nicky from the other forums even if it was deemed he wasn't following the table release rules. It's all or nothing there. None of this crap has anything to do with my table releases or work. Being banned means I can't posts tables or anything PERIOD. Even if they had a reason to take moderating action, banning isn't the correct decision. And it doesn't follow their own rules about warnings etc. Now they claim they don't have any such rules and that almost ANYTHING is cause for banning if they feel like it. They also let people like TiltJP outright flame while banning people like me when I have broken no rules.

So in theory, I like your idea, but unless it's made perfectly clear to AJ that this is 100% unacceptable behavior in his forums, things will NEVER change there and meanwhile people will just keep leaving the scene. We need to get those people to a forum where they aren't being repressed by totalitarian toxic fumes before they leave for good. I've got people sending me e-mail addresses to keep them informed of what's going on and any table development etc. And these are from people that are LEAVING VPForums because of what is going on. They obviously don't want to leave pinball. But they're tired of all the BS poltics there. We need to provide at least a temporary home for such people until this is straightened out. And if it's NOT straightened out, we need to start thinking about a permanant home apart from VPForums.

> I'd like to keep the current forum because that's where people go right now.

That's easily changed. We only need an announcement from one person that's not banned done in a polite manner that can't possibly be construed as posturing to get the word out. If they ban that, then they will only make their case worse and worse and worse. They are in the wrong and so they are on a very slippery downward slope.

> Changing the forum would only rip the community apart, and we don't want that. I

The only solution to decay is surgery. The community is already falling apart. It needs to be transplanted before it's too late. Sure we might lose a few people that think it won't work or some that insist of staying with the dying body, but it's better than letting the patient die. And that is the only alternative. You and I might have fun making tables for ourselves, Kristian, but we won't be seeing each others tables anymore because there won't be a community left.

> still care about the community. It's great and a few rotten apples should not
> spoil it.

The problem is that the few rotten apples are at the very top.

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