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SubjectRe: I'm not surprised. Here's more to come Reply to this message
Posted byDesEIP
Posted on12/04/02 04:15 PM

> > Well it's now official. Rodgz is banned because he just said something that
> the
> > moderators didn't like.
> I can tell you who will be next because it was just leaked to me by one of the
> staff. There is a concerted effort going on right now to get rid of certain
> people at VPForums because of their views on modding, etc. and for causing them
> trouble there. I guess I was on the trouble causing list, even though I stuck
> to the rules.
> I was told just a few minutes ago that table development is being purposely held
> up by a group of about 10 developers on there (what's left of VPMX, so you do
> the math who they are) until certain people are ousted from VPForums and these
> developers can be assured their "works is safe." I was told Rodgz and Emkaah
> are next on the list. It seems Rodgz just got his.
> I have to say Kristian that Nicky is right. You're on the list too. They're
> just looking for an excuse to ban you right now, not matter how small. Rule
> breaking has nothing to do with it. It's attitude and sharing alike viewpoints
> on authoring rights.
> There is a large list of VPM tables that will magically appear after everyone is
> banned that they want banned and this is also designed to appease the remaining
> leeches, to show them that the community isn't dead. I'm talking about new
> versions and updates to about 16 tables (and it wasn't a complete list):
> "WhoDunnit, Sharkey's Shootout, Godzilla, Striker Extreme, High Roller Casino,
> Champion Pub, Caveman, Maverick, Star Wars Trilogy. Updates to Medieval Madness,
> Xenon, Judge Dredd and many others. New versions of High Speed, Dirty Harry, No
> Fear, Taxi."
> Yes, folks. It's a full fledged conspiracy from VPMX to Black and AJ knows all
> about it. Send your supporting donations in right now!
> Here's the latest demands:
> "Basically we want no mods at all. Either get permission to do an update or make
> your own versions. And the group opinion is leaning towards total locking
> especially due to the discussions going on at Retrogames."
> I delayed sending this to check on some more things (the only person I told
> about it was Kristian since he posted the banning news) and SINCE then (an hour
> or so again), I've been 100% banned from VPForums, not just posting. So I will
> go ahead and tell you now the person that told me about it was none other than
> Kid Charlemagne himself.
> People. Listen up. There are about a dozen people out to destroy the VP
> Community as it stands right now. Ass kissers only are allowed there now. I
> can't believe AJ is actually tolerating this crap let alone supporting it, but
> that's how it is.
> And don't believe that BS about Black quitting. I find it highly suspect. If
> they're planning this crap and changing rules just to get rid of people, I
> suspect it's just one more ploy to get the rest of you to obey their every whim.
> And then suddenly and magically Black will come back and those tables above
> will be released and you will all worship them like good little boys and girls.
> I can't believe anyone in the pinball community would stoop that low, but that's
> how it appears.

ok now i got this working 8)

just for your info pac ...

high speed isnt being " held hostage" I am curretly working on the grapchis for it ... it is still wip and i dont have a set date for its release .. but it isnt being
held for some kind of ransom .. nor are any of my tables .. my tables are locked but that is just my personal preference ...



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