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SubjectI TOLD YOU guys along time ago... new Reply to this message
Posted byFunkyDevil
Posted on01/10/03 07:28 AM

... that vpforums , the unofficial HQ of EMU pinball was a loser factory , and about that KM Tanner guy , I told him the very first time he posted about it on alt.games.mame , that that place was for the retarded among us , he did not want to believe me and thought I was a guy called Nicky. LOL , I'm not kidding , now look at him .

I think it's funny.


They keep blaming the " mods " ( from what I can see ), it wasn't just that , it was alot of the pinball community , the very people who post, make tables, and whatever else , THERE WERE ALOT of TOTAL assholes there NOT NOT NOT just the " mods ".

I suspect that even the new forum will degenerate soon , it's the same people right ? The question is
" how long ? ".

Of course it goes quicker with goofy-ass mods.
Now we get to see how long it last without the mods. Believe me when I say IT WAS NOT just the modding over there.

KM Tanner tried to paint a pretty picture about vpforums , I told him it wasn't like that , now he wants to paint another pretty picture for the new site , it's the same people right , same community ? ... goodluck
( sarcasm )

Not everyone was an asshole , just enough to make the whole place bad.


By the way , one time they were all talking about themselves ( at vpforums ), they had asked about each others lives , and it look to me like over half of the people in the pinball community were either sick , disabled , or dying in some way , I'm not kidding or trying to be funny , it really was like that , maybe that's why they're all so pissed off at the world.

Oh well , what's the betting on the new forum , you know before it implodes , there are " bad attitudes " and then there's the pinball community LOL.

I'm starting a PIEball community. Who likes pie ?

SubjectIt's ok new Reply to this message
Posted bySnowball 2
Posted on01/24/03 05:48 PM

As you've seen you are always welcome to come here and bitch about it.

I never update my website

SubjectRe: I TOLD YOU guys along time ago... Reply to this message
Posted bynicolas.b
Posted on03/08/03 02:19 AM

so THERE you are funkydevil!

just out of curiosity, did you get banned at VPF or what? always wondered what happened to you...

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