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SubjectNo you just ban all links to VPFF Reply to this message
Posted byPacDude
Posted on05/19/03 01:45 AM

>I could start bashing you
> and VPFF like you do to VPF, but to each is own and I don't stoop so low!

No, you just ban all links on your site to VPFF period. You've got a really nice "Hear No, See No, Speak No Evil" rule going there AJ, except that the evil is only in your head. VPFF is a moderation free environtment where pinball fans can express themselves without fear of being banned just because someone doesn't agree with them. There is no legitimate reason to ban links to VPFF (even going as far as censoring the name "VPFF" and the links). That's just plain fascist in nature. Maybe you could rename the site, "AJ's Fascist Pinball Forum -- Where if you disagree with da boss, you get da boot!" That would be more accurate than calling it a "discussion forum" (since real discussion isn't/wasn't allowed there).

Apocalypse says I never tried to work things out with you, but that's just not so. You ignored all my e-mails and publicly announced you beleived Kinsey's version of the story over me. Well, look what happened to the girl that didn't take shit from anyone (your words). It seemed I wasn't making things up after all, eh? Meanwhile, I see even more of that staff has been given the boot. I wonder why....

Some of the people there may not have liked the way I expressed myself, but there was no rule against that. I didn't like some of them either. That doesn't mean I didn't think they had a right to be there too. It's not that I want to participate there anymore (I prefer VPFF's open atmosphere where I don't have to walk on egg shells to avoid offending someone's ego), but it would be to the benefit of everyone in the pinball commmunity if things like the censoring of valid links were resolved.

I've said before I'm willing to remove my VPF table hosting ban if the matter is discuseed and resolved like adults, but as long as I continue to be ignored, nothing will change. It's funny I can talk to Destruk and Apocalypse about such matters, but not you, especially when you once seemed to be a really reasonable guy that actually gave a crap about the Pinball Community and what went on in it. Let me know when you actually want to discuss the matter instead of ignoring me. You've got my e-mail address.

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