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Subject'The' & 'Macaroni' & 'shadow' & 'mack' new Reply to this message
Posted byKING Zedekiah
Posted on06/22/03 07:29 AM

Three contributors to the VPFF forums, are going on a subterfuge mission to infiltrate the official, formalized assemblage of Visual Pinball, whose stifling, straitlaced control of the forums reamains unchanged.

The small team of 'the', 'macaroni', 'shadow' and 'mack' are going to artfully enter and turn the forums inside out! Exact aims, methods and tactics will not be stated here. Suffice to say that VPF will be off-line for at least a month. The means we shall use will be, surprisingly to you, entirely legal. It will be a psychological and subliminal assault that will induce mental fatigue and weariness. 'Alex Macaroni' had this to say, "We're going in. Kinsey, the fuckin' witch, is going to be mentally disabled too, in addition to her useless, malformed legs."

'mack84' snarled, "Die all of you."

'shadow' cried out, "We're cummin'!"

'The' murmured, "Will it work.."

If you read the above with any belief, you're far too gullible and are better suited to Fruit Machines, because you'll be easily fleeceable to them, and perhaps deservingly so - QUESTION EVERYTHING, USE YOUR BRAIN AND THINK!

Subjectkeep us posted Reply to this message
Posted bynewsdee
Posted on06/23/03 10:22 AM

Forum politics are becoming rare these days. I'm all out of ideas for my soap "Love, Glory and Discussion Boards"... :-) [link was in joffeman.com, now down].

[download a life]

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