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SubjectNew version of PinMame-HW Reply to this message
Posted byregismalt
Posted on09/27/04 09:57 AM


PinMame-HW (HW mean HardWare) is a derivative work of PinMame.

PinMame is a pinball emulator, Brad O. have modified the source
of PinMame so it can control a real pinball playfield through the printer port of a PC and
with custom electronics, all the source, schematics are available at our website:

Brad O. have release a new version of PinMame-HW.


Please take note, to just copy and paste the links in your browser to make them work...

Here is what's new:

This includes a major optimization. It only updates the lamps and solenoids when necessary. Previously, it was updating them for every cycle
of the CPU. There are no additional switches to enable this.

In preparation for scoreboard support, I believe that eliminating this overhead is critical.

The website http://www.pinmame-hw.com have also been updated.