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SubjectRe: T2: Judgement Day v1.1 Released Reply to this message
Posted bybluejaywpg
Posted on05/02/01 07:55 PM

Hey - well done on the T2 table!!! But will you be tackling the following issues:

Gun doesn't seem to be able to shoot more than 2 or 3 targets.
The ball on the odd occasion will fall through the wall guiding the ball to the right flipper.
Gameplay is choppy unless sound is off. (I have a Celeron 433)
When shooting ramp at a high speed sometimes the game doesn't recognize it.

I do realize that some issues may be related to choppy gameplay. Keep up the great work & thanks for recreating a great game! :)

> Hey all...been working on T2 tonight and have updated it from v1.01 to v1.1.
> You can download it at AJ's VPinMAME at http://www.thefew.com/vptables . Here
> are the changes for v1.1:
> Version 1.1 (5/2/01)
> ========
> - Widened inlanes a little more so ball should not roll to outlane coming off
> ramp
> - Adjusted walls around ramp returns and shifted ramp returns a bit for same
> reason as above
> - Added extra lamp area for Security Pass and 250,000 lamps
> - Placed wall behind left ramp plastic so ball rolls under plastic
> - Kickback now goes to Chase Loop entrance and will sometimes go around Chase
> Loop (sometimes gets snagged under gun and doesn't go around)
> - Made words AUTO-FIRE BALL RESCUE look arched to fit correctly in rescue lamp
> All-in-all, some good updates! After going around each ramp at least 100 times,
> the right ramp return does not jump to outlane anymore. As for the left, maybe
> 1 in 20 jumps to the outlane on a REALLY fast hit. Still gets caught
> occasionally under the gun, but not as often. I actually hit the 1 Million, 2
> Million, and 5 Million Point Chase Loops consecutively which was all worth 11
> Million points together for 3 loops (1Mil + 2Mil + 1MilPlus + 5Mil + 2MilPlus)!
> Something very annoying, and maybe Steve can fix, is the non-activation of the
> triggers when ball is going fast! When going back and forth continuously
> between the left and right ramp, it doesn't always trigger correctly so you have
> to hit the other ramp for nothing, then shoot the other one that didn't trigger
> again. The nice thing about this table is that it is as hard as the real thing!
> I average about the same scores on this as I do in the arcade (15-35 Million
> with an occasional 80+Million).
> Enjoy!
> AJ

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