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Subjectmy new orginonal table Reply to this message
Posted byjonwil
Posted on05/06/01 07:43 AM

I am currently working on a totally origonal table, inspired by that baseball table. Basicly its a table based on Aussie Rules football, the national game here in oz. (go to http://www.afl.com.au & www.iafc.org.au to see more about aussie rules and the local comp, the AFL)

Basicly it will be a regular table with regular objects but it will have several special features.
In adition to the regular score, it will also have 2 extra scores, Goals and Behinds. A goal is with 6 "points" in aussie rules, a behind 1. The aim of the game of aussie rules is to get as many "points" as possible. (these points are different from the regular pinball score & will be indicated seperatly).
To get a Goal, you need to get the ball through the 2 tall posts in the centre. Getting the ball between a tall post and a short post scores a behind. If the ball goes over the line but not between the posts, its "out of bounds", what happens then is still to be decided.

The ball starts out in the centre of the playfield with the "centre bounce", which will probobly be done using a wire ramp like on the baseball table.
You will get 4 balls, one for each "quarter" of the match.
Other players will be represented with those round things that light up when you hit them (pop bumpers I think there called)

Other rules still to be decided.

an AFL field (half of one anyway) for the playfield.
plastics, walls etc will be adorned with various AFL related images (it will probobly be themed to one of the teams in the comp, probobly the local team, the Eagles, perhaps part of it will also be themed in another teams colors, perhaps the Dockers, to repesent the "opponent")

Sounds will probobly be taken from the real thing if I can, scoring a goal or behind will cause a "crowd" to cheer for example and the ball going down the drain hole will cause the "siren" (used to signify the end of 1 of the 4 quarters of an aussie rules match) to play.

Is there a way to change the color of the balls, I want to make them red...

Can someone post this info on the MSN board? (I would but MSN wont let me post, I did sign up for an ID but its not working :( )