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SubjectThe UPGRADED shivaSite Forum. Now we can leave that damn MSN forum Reply to this message
Posted byshiva
Posted on05/13/01 04:11 AM

With a BIG THANKS to Brian and Bob, I am pleased to announce we all can get the fuck off this board and get on a decent forum, as I have just upgraded the shivaSite forum to full bore status. Here is the list of features, with the little star being new features, and my comments at the end of them.

General Features

Easy installation with installation script
View the day's posts
View all members of the forum
DBM or mySQL backend (optional) * (useing DBM at the moment, speed issues)
Selectable skins (included layout, language, color) on fly * (I can change the color scheme of any board)
Who's online (optional) * (lists members presently posting, and even who's reading the post)
Integrated search engine
Online FAQ/Help
Integrated Emailer * (We can set up a newsletter. :)
Support SSL secure mode (optional) (Turned on)
Categories/Forums Features
Multiple categories, forums and boards
Sub-categories (optional) * (Not only do I have multiple categories, but I can have multiple sub-categories, each with their seperate boards, real handy for private boards)
Relative forums (optional) *
Announcements *
Selectable skins (included layout, language, color) of each forum on fly *
Privileges for categories, forums
Multiple moderators (optional) * (Which I need by the way)
Posts Features
File attachment (optional) * (No longer optional, full file attachment is enabled for every board. At the moment, it's set to 150,000 k, but if you need more, let me know. Oh, no need to enter password to get it if you are not a member either. :)
Spell checking (integrated with spellchecker.net) (optional) * (Turned on as well)
Word filter (optional) (Turned off. I trust you guys)
Ability to use HTML/UB Codes in message (Auto HTML, so it will autolink the URLs)
Emotion icons
Message preview
Anti-spam duplicate posts (No more double posts!)
Moderation of posts (optional) *
Printer Friendly Format * (Turned on, so you can have a printer friendly version. Real nice for printing out scripts)
Forward Topic * (Forward the post to a friend)
Host/IP logging/display (optional)
Email notification of replies to topics * The forum will email you if someone replies to your post.)
Members Features
Registration system (optional)
COPPA compliant (optional) * (not used at the moment)
Filter on username, nickname, and email (optional) (Not used at the moment)
Verify email address (optional) *
Password retrieval system *
Personal Profile
Personal Photo (optional) * (Turned on. Yeap, you can have a picture of yourself on the side column everytime you post. :) please, small pictures guys)
Personal Signature Block
Privileges for member accounts
IP logging and blocking (optional)
You can also rate topics! *
You also have a private email through the forum, so people can send private messages to each other.*
Also, the forum is capable of SSI links, which means I can wrap the forum into a site design, or even display a portion or all of the forum posts right on the front page of shivaSite. (In other words, news)

For people who want to use the forum for their own sites, or as a private message board, I can assign a seperate "members group", so only members of that group can access that forum. I have 10 levels of access for members, ranging from complete public access, to only certain members with a certain password, and the forum can work at any level at any board. Also, there are 6 different levels of members, from administrator, moderator, to public members. People can control all aspects of their board, without worrying about any one else accessing their admin control. (Or they can assign a lower level admin/moderator, with restricted admin access) Admins can create their own sub-categories, and as many boards as they want, in any color (skin) they want. They can reorder boards, create a master announcement to appear on the top of their boards, and can email their member group as well like a newsletter.

There are about 6 levels of boards, from totally public to so secure, it's a pain to get in them without the password/member group/member level. :)

Anyone want a board?

Oh Randy, guess what I can offer you now. :)



Webmaster: shivaSite

SubjectWoohoo! That MSN one was horrid. (nt) new Reply to this message
Posted byProphet
Posted on05/13/01 09:44 AM



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