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SubjectOfficial VP forum moved to shivaSite Reply to this message
Posted byshiva
Posted on05/18/01 06:06 AM

Randy has made it official, and posted on the old MSN forum that shivaSite (http://www.hippie.net/shivasite) is now the official forum for Visual Pinball, replacing the previous forum. Randy has also replaced the link on his site to point to this forum.

I wish to thank Randy, and to all the people who have used the forum. The success has been staggering to me personally, and hopefully, we will continue to make Pinball the gamers choice once again.

The Visual Pinball Forum can be found at http://www.hippie.net/shivasite/UltraBoard/UltraBoard.cgi

Also, after some consideration. I have decided to fast track a community initiative, and am now presently looking for people to report on the pinball industry, and also the pinball community.
I feel that this is a major weakness within the entire industry, and have in fact been moving shivaSite towards a central position of promoting and furthering the advancement, and the future, of the pinball industry.

I require people to be the "eyes" of the industry, and to report the latest in major events within the community.

There are no requirements other than the time involved, some writing skills, and some very basic HTML skills. Posting news is similar to the forum, you use a form called up within your browser. News is then formatted automatically, and placed up directly on the shivaSite news page.

If you are interested in such a position, please contact me directly at my e-mail address at shiva@home.com.

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