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SubjectRe: dont think thats a solution Reply to this message
Posted byandymo
Posted on05/26/01 11:54 PM

I've been having a similar problem with games such as Eight Ball Deluxe, where the background noise is just fine, but the speech sounds for the targets and the flipper sounds just don't make any noise. I remember initially that I could hear them, but after playing the game a few times, they went away. I am running on a 533MHz Pentium III with 128 MB RAM. I have also tried about 4 different versions of Eight Ball Deluxe, and have the same sound problems with all of them.

I tried the suggestion of adjusting the volume with the End and 8 & 9 keys, but I still can't get some of the sounds to work. Looking at the Sound Manager of the VPT, I can see and play the sounds I am missing during the game, and I can see where they are supposed to be playing within the script, but I just can't get them to work when running the table.

Has anyone else had any problems even closely related to this, or am I just being a total newbie?!?

Thanks for any help you can give.

> I find that doing this is what causes the 'scratchy sound' on these tables
> though. If I turn up the volume with the END key, its scratchy (on Medieval
> Madness especially), but if I turn up the windows volume control, it isn't. I
> don't have a speaker volume control unfortunately, as I'm on headphones.
> > Open the virtual door to the machine's innards by pressing the END key, then
> use
> > the 8 & 9 keys to adjust the pinball machine's volume & your sound effects
> will
> > no longer be drowned out.
> >
> > > Maybe we have incorrect or badly dumped rom images. But then again I have no
> > CRC
> > > errors?
> > >
> > > Does anybody else have this problem?
> > >
> >
> >
> > Jay
> > Hardware/Tech Support Moderator
> >
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