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SubjectPinball vs. Videogames Reply to this message
Posted byJMU JTD1979
Posted on04/26/01 01:34 AM

Sure, videogames are fun and all, but there's something about pinball machines that they can't match. You see, raster videogames are pretty much the same thing every single time you play them. I could play any CPS2 fighting game or any game for that matter, and my game playing experience is the same every time. The computer uses the same old patterns, the enemies emerge from the exact same places, and it's just way too predictable. I mean, I could play 50 matches of any fighting game and make every match completely identical because the computer reacts in the same way to everything I do, every time. On the other hand, when you play a pinball machine, there's NO telling what's going to happen. It's nearly impossible to predict how it's going to ricochet off the bumpers or where the ball's going to go at any moment, and EVERY single game you play is completely different. Plus, because the ball's moving around so fast and so unpredictably, you have to stay on your toes and keep glued to the game. If you break your concentration for a split second or try to simply mash the buttons when the ball gets near your flippers, you're going to lose. On the other hand, mindless button mashing can get you through many fighting games quite well. Anyway, going to play some more High Speed 2: The Getaway and Twilight Zone....later

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