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SubjectIssues! Reply to this message
Posted bypal_
Posted on07/30/01 02:14 PM

Well, the problems were as listed.
1. Visual pinball installs itself into c:\program files\v***** directory, I didn't know this, and VpinMAME installs itself wherever you unzip it. It was quite confusing actually figuring this out. Perhaps a joint build?! I don't know if that could possibly be done

2. I think from previous posts that roms can be zipped up into a roms directory, but not for me, I wondered why this wasn't working, until I found it had to be in a brand new directory in c:\vpinmame\roms\******.zip

3. Make sure that you tell people that they need to update their files, because I thought you just had to get pinmame and visual pinball, not the updated files. This made life all sorts of confusing, as I thought I didn't have the correct roms.

4. Make the roms standard, or better yet, only give new roms with a new version, kinda like MAME. I was very confused as the program didn't recognize the new roms from the mousehunt(?) board

5. make one easy to work installation for all the programs you need. I couldn't figure out where to install each file, and I had to go to 'pinmame for dummies' to figure it out. Both files look similar, but do you think you could merge them?

6. my 56k modem is terrible at dling files, that took about a couple hours.

Yea, but thats it!

And I'm used to playing around with emulators n' such, I'm a 5 year vet. of emulation stuff (I remember VSMC!).

Take care! enjoy pinball

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