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Subjectthe judah CHRONICLES Reply to this message
Posted byfruitcake 5
Posted on06/25/02 06:01 AM

An emulator user called 'Judah Jew' has left a trail of puzzlement, ill-feeling and captivation through the use of emulator related message boards. His motives for his actions are nebulous - it is never entirely apparent why he behaves the way he does. For this reason it is supposed he has a mental disorder yet this can be dispelled as he shows a mocking self-awareness. The following is a concise account of his activities:-

a# Assails the official MAME board by blitzing the board (a rapid chain of frivolous messages, posted with the intention of jamming the board so as to render it a nonsense).

b~ the consequence of the above onslaught was the debarrment of the entire internet-service-provider NTL.

c$ The MAME Cheat board became his next location of displeasure. A rather hypocrital and passe Pugsy had a 'no swearing' rule. Judah was faintly amused at the stricture given that it came from a morally questionable man who cheated. Arguement ensued, niether giving way - result NTL again barred.

d% EmuChrist provided a real outlet for Judahs quaint excesses because it had a forum bereft of any regulations. Free reign was in the users hands - Judah excelled, writing barmy, satiric and just plain silly compositions. It was easy to spot his authorship by the patchy, uneven writing style. Eventually, however, Judah had managed to rile several of the staff, notably Cronos. In time Cronos would take action with the aim of excluding Judah by both necessitating registeration and by actually editing the posts made to the supposedly UNmoderated board!

e^ Classic Gaming - why Judah ever went to this dry, sedate site is a mystery (maybe he thought his scatty mindset would countervail the stuffiness). Anyway, he quickly got banned but only went after he forced them to withdraw the anonymous poster facility.

f Retrogames Suggestion Board. Judah enjoyed his short-lived spurt of activity at this, usually, hushed forum. Judah simply came in and made the board his by posting his usual array of extreme, zany, acerbic scribbles. Again, he made people uneasy and was quickly jettisoned.

g< VGN - For just one day VGN's forums went insane. Dozens of perverted, crazed, obscene messges/images were put up. It was as if the site had been overrun by maniacs. The moderators were powerless as senior administrators had impounded editorial powers. The cheif moderator (Vampire Hunter D) was absolutely mortified and was mercilessly savaged by users who had previously contained their fury. V' Hunter D was humiliated on his own board. Needless to say, Judah Jew was at the forefront of the chaos.

h? During the latter of the aforementioned incidents Judah has continually spoken of the Jewish people with fiery affection. Part of this involves promoting his fan-site of the half-jewish QVC host(http://www.geocities.com/helga_schummer) and in 'playacting' as other famous jews (notably Tom Baker and Sigmund Freud). What propels this strange fixation is unclear. Perhaps he himself is jewish, hence his predilection, and is a means to come to terms with his ancestry.

Judah Jew. We can certainly say this of him; he's unique (but only in a 'side-show' way).

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