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SubjectYouzza need to getz itza, k Reply to this message
Posted byJar Jar Max
Posted on03/20/00 04:05 PM

Heeza waz k, thx. telling meeza bull until Iza k, thx. 0WN3d him. Heeza talked about the myztical agreement weeza all sign up to when weeza make an account on theeza lamah boards, but have youzza ever seen one, Iza never had and Iza have hadz to sign up thrice teemz, k.

Heeza even never gave meeza proof of what Iza did, Iza asked and heeza never gave, and heeza said heeza printed out every post heeza deleted. Iza 0WN3D him and heeza l3ft a few dayz after that from hizza mockery of Emulation Unlimited boards. Figi dooz a better job then heeza ever did with their boordz, k

k, thx.

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