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SubjectYay sarcasm Reply to this message
Posted byAnonymous (
Posted on09/06/00 09:51 PM

> > This isn't slashdot
> Well, duh.
> Of course, you realize that there are people who run Linux, and of those people
> who run Linux, not all of them who visit RG also visit /. on a regular basis
> (like myself). Those people might like to hear about an upgrade to their OS,
> since Linux doesn't have the same hype machine that Microsoft does. Shit, it's
> not as if he's up there MS bashing.
> That said, I really don't want to hear about a new kernel other than 2.4.x. : )
> I'm the man on the silver mountain.

I read slashdot and I don't even like Linux, it offers way more than just Linux kernel updates and is worth reading. Anyway, I'm just wondering why that's the only post Chris makes that entire day. It would be nice if emulation news was sprinkled in there too maybe... like... why the latest news update on ultrahle.com is gone...

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