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SubjectEven More Reply to this message
Posted bypostamessage
Posted on01/20/04 00:00 AM

Fuck satsunnothito para de mostrar essa porra. nt eu so pobre miseravel 12/15/03 02:41 PM

I know man its a CA progress board all guys working toghether for better stuff... 12/15/03 02:10 PM

Now you got me wondering what the hell is that "OMG" stuf. nt 12/15/03 02:04 PM

So do i man, am doinga coke glass. Fine shit. nt 12/15/03 02:01 PM


Once upon a time i did one of those thingys, hummm fuck and so on. nt 12/15/03 01:48 PM

If you know that much about my life telll me the day i die. nt 12/15/03 01:44 PM

I tell you what 12/15/03 01:41 PM

What you dont wanna show her to me. nt biotch 12/14/03 07:56 PM

Ei deathy do you have a web site. 12/14/03 07:49 PM

Am i I or what, dany digievolve into balls licker. fuck this sucks. nt 12/14/03 07:43 PM

Satson digievolve in my favorite faggot. nt 12/14/03 06:20 PM

Poor guy, man i feel you pain in my veins. nt 12/14/03 06:19 PM

Any of you people know personaly Elizabeth SHue? nt 12/14/03 05:25 PM

Ha, come on satsun dont screw them so hard, they are just uninformed guys. 12/14/03 05:22 PM

Government evolves into digi donuts eaters. haha :) 12/14/03 05:14 PM

What's next world peace i guess, i want some fucking peace. nt 12/14/03 10:22 AM

Suck my pines, 256 colors whore. 12/13/03 03:29 PM

If you suck me i tell anything you want to hear. nt lol 12/13/03 03:14 PM

Hey lades, who here have mod files cool ones. lololol 12/13/03 03:13 PM

You moreroms saying fuck every instead of loving each other. 12/13/03 03:04 PM

Yep, you ever heard of full lists with hard to find each song. nt 12/11/03 08:16 AM

ANybodyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy. ... 12/10/03 01:10 PM

FUck him, you diserve the best cause you are with us. we need more bar stories. nt 12/10/03 12:55 PM

To late i already defecate. nt young felow friend to faggot 12/09/03 05:15 PM

ItchyNADZ can i call you NADZ and/or itchy i kind like you... 12/08/03 02:28 PM

Good tits not so big, and a good ass. have one os those. nt 12/08/03 06:48 AM

I sold two one 486 and one PIII 1.100. just for cut out the anger. nt 12/08/03 06:45 AM

One of the lines i ever heard before nt 12/07/03 04:33 PM

We guys from CA have to say what we think about the board. nt 12/07/03 02:08 PM

Can you give a better answer. nt 12/07/03 02:06 PM

It's good like the others, tell me more about, your vision. 12/07/03 12:21 PM

Hey people dumb suggestion... 12/07/03 09:54 AM

Hey Eon, you got more of those crazy videos. nt 12/05/03 10:19 AM

Its there faggot search more, emu section and shit. nt 12/04/03 09:53 AM

Take you time, you gave your best... 12/04/03 09:51 AM

Cause i do thinks people tell me to do. 12/04/03 07:10 AM

neoragex 9, am not black, drop dead scum. nt 12/04/03 06:11 AM

NeorageX XP 9c 12/03/03 09:36 PM

Now i see the end of the line... 12/03/03 09:23 PM

Jesus, a tell you about babes and you drop this shame on you. nt 12/03/03 09:14 PM

I like to discuss about this kind of topic... 12/03/03 07:34 PM

SATSUNOHITO, send me some naked US babes. nt 12/03/03 07:30 PM

I am a good fool, thinking of womans melons. nt haha :) 12/03/03 11:30 AM

Trying to download a ffight 2 snes rom... 12/01/03 09:22 PM

Sorry man understand now. hahaha shit :) 12/01/03 04:46 PM

Hey newsdee i can do that, tell me what should do... 12/01/03 04:43 PM

Hey faggot, now its my turn, didnt get a clue. 12/01/03 09:12 AM

Read the idea. 12/01/03 09:10 AM

I just receiveid my new pc. 12/01/03 08:53 AM

No you right, I dOnT gIvE a ShIt. nt 11/27/03 09:29 AM

Hey saotome give some pics of jap babes. nt :) 11/25/03 07:29 AM

Are you that happy, what grace, go on devils pride. nt 12/07/03 02:22 PM

Fuck i was cheated. nt 12/07/03 02:11 PM

hate me 12/07/03

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