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SubjectI have this idea Reply to this message
Posted byPlane Wrecker
Posted on01/22/01 07:31 PM

I say we make a board for current event discussion and just to make things fun we will have the every other message use the word cunt, asswad, twat fuck, and cumfucker. We can even have posts filled with words like cockfuck, titbang and fuck hole that back up politcal stand points :) We will also add in someone that makes bad MIDIs and can even have special events like say taking over a hamster board with out politacal knowlage.

We also need a name. How about Politcal Debate with emphasis in budget spending and Tax Surplus? The Politcal debate emphasis will change weekly btw. So who's with me? :)

Delta Airlines: We are the highest paid suicidal freaks, drunks, and termenaly ill mentals in the aviation industry