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Subjectpitfighter stable!! Reply to this message
Posted byperucchi
Posted on05/09/01 11:23 AM

Hi fellas!
i got a way to make pitfighter (mame36 version) stable
you can fight till the last championship match!
but you have to work a little.
all you have to do is to poke values in ONE address:
FFE75B:01(first round cleared), :0E(last match)
but be careful! you have to operate with Pause to poke the value after your foe is beaten. the new round (according to your poke)is announced (small pic of the new opponent appears)immediately pause the game BEFORE it crashes - then poke an old value:01
ta ta: the game will be stable for ONE round only.
so Why??
because: i found out, that the game is stable for the values
00,01,02 (executioner finished=01, jim finished=02)
fight angel=03 ==> the game crashes after the enemy-pic
so poke a stable value during the pic (pause!!) and make the new round stable.
sorry, but this has to be repeated after every round higher than grudge match 1.
so try for yourselves. maybe my explanation is not clear, but try the address and the values.....