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Subjectok OK CLARIFAICATIOSN Reply to this message
Posted bySnowball 2
Posted on09/29/01 10:42 PM

Fuck caplock


I am drunk with bruce lee and inspector. I hate you. I hope you understand. I hope you all die. Fuick yu you woirthjless pukes. I am glad that you are pukes or else I wouls lovce little debbie.

From Inspector Gadget: I think all of you shoudl fuck some sheep to g et your mind off all this XOR shit. BUY THE BOARD AND PLAY IT THAT WAY, MOTHERFUCKERS.

From _Bruce lee_: yhou jew motherfcuckders shouljust by the shit becase we do and it fucking costs but never thellese we just pklat it and it's all god, ya heerad?

Frim IG AGAIHNl yeah, I gotta gfuckin;' agrree with that shit. Shit costs, ass-fuckers,