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SubjectRe: I agree Reply to this message
Posted bylantern
Posted on10/13/01 10:10 AM

> I admit we're a bunch of scum but I'm proud of every damn member of CA. I
> wouldn't want to say all are scum either. More like only %20 of us(including
> myself). You may click in briefly and see a few gaping anuses and run away with
> your tail between your legs but we've got some pretty damn intelligent people
> there. Try READING some threads instead of hunting out the porn.

I didn't mean anything *personal* against anyone, but the board overall is pretty bad for a "current affairs" board. Maybe mods and regulars should just tell people to go to another emulation site whenever they see someone posting off-topic stuff...

> I think there's comedy in every aspect of life. If
> you have nothing better to do with your time than come bark up our tree cuz the
> funniest thing in your world is Mr. Bean I'd suggest you come post with us.
> Don't knock it til you try it bitch.

Mr. Bean? Yeah... right... It takes too much alcohol to make that man even reasonably funny... (oh yeah, has anyone been watching Sealab 2021? That thing kicks ass!) Anyway, yeah, CuntArse is entertaining at times, but a lot of newbies and community regulars don't generally visit the Current Affairs looking for... well... I can't think of a good term to use to describe CuntArse right now, but you know where I'm going...

> See what it's about instead of just finding your favorite gaping anus and
> crying. We've got many intellectual minds, successful people(n2 comes to mind),
> poets(*wink* joffe), super smart teenagers(we love you fett), and even emulation
> authors(I refer you to the "clash of the l337's" thread).

Yeah, who would have thought a gaping anus could be thought provoking on so many intellectual levels...

> So I agree with you but you've got the wrong idea about us. We like to have fun
> and if that's a crime THEN LOCK ME UP BABY!!!

I don't really have any problem with any of the people that post on the board, but too many people come onto to it looking for serious conversation rather than the crazy stuff that does go on. I don't want to start a huge flaming thread there, but the recent escapade with DTMNTDave most definately proved my point. The biggest problem with the board is its moderation. Nothing against you personally, but the moderator of CuntArse is much like the queen of England; it's a figurehead position. There isn't really meant to be any moderation on that board. It's a "lawless board," so to speak, and suddenly trying to bring order to it once in a while usually leads to more chaos before leveling off. Maybe that's what gives it its charm to some...

I never said I didn't ever enjoy some of the conversations that go on there. I often laugh my ass off when PlaneWrecker comes on late and posts something like, "Oh, God! I did it again!" and details crashing something into... something else...

> Hell, if you can't run with the big dogs stay on the porch.

Yeah, but JoseQ doesn't let anyone on his porch anymore... ha ha...

Anyway, I hope one of the siteops sees this as I had enormous trouble sending them email before when I tried to tell them their "member list" was broken over the course of three months...

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