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SubjectRe: how about.. Reply to this message
Posted byTerminal_Vertex
Posted on11/05/01 03:24 AM

> someone sets up there own board for rom links and beggers..
> Cause im sure as hell the mods dont want to encourage beggers
> This way we can all direct them to the beggers forum on another site. Gets them
> out of our hair
Site do exist, but would RG link to them?
It's best if they aren't assosciated at all with roms in anyway, linking to a forum that has to do with them would cause trouble for them (most probably).

By having nothing at all to do with roms, it is one less hassle for everyone working here and for ZTnet.

Also, having links to offsite forums means they could lose vistors and that means less money, something i'm sure they don't want to lose.

But, i'm not a rep, i don't work for ZT so i could be wrong.

Perhaps there will be an offical response...

Also, you call them beggers, they are hardly filthy, poor people.
Have some respect for your common man, all they did was ask a question (i also think that title should be changed to something such as no rom requests).

If someone were to ask for an emulator, would they be emu begging?

or a website, site begging?

How many people after initially being told to "BUGGER OFF, YOU CAN'T DO THAT!" do it again? If they did, they would prolly begin to whine, grovel, beg etc... then you could class them as beggers

But who would unless they really enjoyed punishment?


"Getting People to do what you want is merely a matter of telling them what they want to hear."

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