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SubjectRe: As for the legal parts Reply to this message
Posted byTerminal_Vertex
Posted on11/06/01 02:56 AM

> As for the legal parts, if you hadn't heard about it, very recently a judge
> removed an injuction that prevented sites from linking to other sites with
> questionable content, until it can be proven that linking to another site IS
> illegal.
> Another thing, ztnet hosts mame.net & cps2shock, well guess what?
> Mame.net & CPS2Shock are both violiating the DMCA and could get ztnet is a shit
> load of trouble, very much so more trouble than just linking to emuchina or ace
> roms or any of the other major rom sites.
> Also, the forums violiate the DMCA act and could also get rg/ztnet in a deep
> load of shit.
> So why not have a forum to allow people to ask/answer about gets roms?
> Got Anime?
No i didn't hear about the injunction, i take it this was in america?

Even though the judged ruled favourably, it is not the be-all and end-all of it... a different case could produce a different result. Also, who were the parties involved in this case? another thing, if it is proven (that the linking is illegal) then ZT will have even more trouble on their hands.

Aah, the DMCA... you make some pretty bold statements there. What sections specifically do you believe they are breaking (sites and forums)? (i'm assuming the copyright stuff) but i've only read bits and pieces of the DMCA, so i won't comment just yet.

you seemed to imply that a rom requests forum would get them im trouble, but seeing as how they're already in trouble why bother? is that wat you meant?

If they already are in trouble then i'm sure they wouldn't want to make it worse.


"Getting People to do what you want is merely a matter of telling them what they want to hear."

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