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Posted bylizaatreides
Posted on11/07/01 03:44 AM


It came to my attention that email addresses of latin-american countries usually get rejected by the SMTP providers for most of the Retrogames staff.

Many of my friends have sent email in the interest of cooperating with the site with news, findings and, nowadays, with logo submissions; only to find their email returned to them labeled as 'undeliverable' because (i quote): "You are not authorized to send email to ".

I think that if we latin-americans are that despisable by the retrogames staff, they can at least let us now... It is good form.

Simply put a single, one time, warning that email submissions from such countries are denied entry into their mailboxes and you will save yourselves the trouble of blocking entire countries off of your mailbox.

It almost feels like we latin-americans are thought of not better than rom-begging lamers. If that is the case... Well... Guess I will have to tell my friends all around to spread the word and leave you alone.

If we are so hated, at least let us know why.

Best wishes.

Subjectsend 'em an e-mail about it new Reply to this message
Posted byIbbo
Posted on11/07/01 07:00 PM


I'm playing ronnie o' who?

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