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SubjectRe: My suggestions (from the Gen. Emu. board) Reply to this message
Posted byhiryuu
Posted on10/12/99 00:53 AM

> The password isn't so bad. Its probably good, in fact, considering what goes on
> on these boards. Its just a rather awkward login
> system.... unless you have cookies, I imagaine. It would be better, easier, if
> it just asked you for your username and password right
> there when you write the post, on a post-by-post basis.

It does. If you are not logged in, Username and Password boxes are added to the reply and post screens.

> Right now my biggest problem - my computer at home has a small monitor, set at
> 800x600. This board's posting windows seem to be quite obnoxiously hardwired at
> 1024x768, which means I have to scroll back and forth to type this message. It
> is poorly-written html that won't work on ALL resolutions.

Poorly written HTML standards, actually. TEXTAREA tags must be given a specific height and width. There is no 100% like tables have (that I know of, anyway). I may reduce the default width to 60 at some point. In the mean time, if you do use cookies, you can set the width and height in your profile.

> Personally, I think Discus, found at http://www.chem.hope.edu/discus/, is a FAR
> better webboard system to this one. Its really easy
> to set up, too. I can even do it myself. :)

Flamebait like that hopefully has something to back it up. Easy setup isn't very compelling since any setup is inherently more difficult & time consuming than letting this run as is.

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