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SubjectI have come to the conclusion that my computer is an idiot... Reply to this message
Posted byDeath Knight
Posted on07/28/04 04:27 PM

I was getting some weird crashes before the mobo finally died and now that i swapped it, it's STILL crashing when i try to run some heavy game or something of the sort.

I unninstalled SW:KOTOR because the damn thing kept hanging ( regular windows error message usually ) a few minutes into the game. I tried changing a bunch of options, to no avail and chalked it off to it being an old install, before i formatted the main drive, swapped the mobo and re-installed windows.

But now i installed FarCry and something similar is happening. Once, after a few minutes playing, i get a BSD and a full crash, tried it again, and after a bit longer, the game just closes out of the blue without any error message. I'm afraid to try again and seeing smoke fly off. :-P

Does anybody have any idea what the hell might be happening here? I'm completly at a loss.
I've directx9b, ran windows update a couple of days ago, the hds are perfectly defragged, the agp and ram slots are squeaky clean, as are the respective connectors on the card and ram, the comp hasn't been pushed to any extreme. I just can't grasp what the fuck it could be.

FYI, i'm running an XP 1800, 768MB DDR266, GfTi 4 4200 on XP Pro.

And that's without mentioning the avalanche of bullshit i'm getting from other software such as Visualboy advance, ICQ, Video Lan, etc. Computers are an extremely annoying hobby.

Could somebody please try to shed some light on the possible causes and hopefully, sollutions to this bugger's bullshit?

Gives us a kiss precious.

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.I have come to the conclusion that my computer is an idiot...  Death Knight07/28/04 04:27 PM
.*Re: I have come to the conclusion that my computer is an idiot...  Halcyon07/28/04 11:17 PM
..*Mobo is an Asus A7V8X-X. NT I'll look into those patches later today.  Death Knight07/29/04 08:01 AM