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SubjectRe: Need computer upgrade advice (repost from CA board) Reply to this message
Posted byPr3tty F1y
Posted on08/25/04 10:42 PM

> So, in summation:
> Windows 98 (I'm going to keep this.)
> Pentium II that goes under 600 mhz
> 256 MB RAM (obsolete)
> Geforce FX 5900 Ultra 256MB
> SB LIVE! Value with SB 16 emulation (no EAX)
> 77 GB total hard drive
> Old monitor (would upgrade except it'd cost too much money for little gain)
> Toshiba 4.8x32 CD/DVD-ROM drive

Ok, your Ram is prolly EDO ram, its dead, gone, etc... you prolly missed SDRam completely ;) The PII is a Slot CPU (think snes cartrige) the P4 is a pinned chip, so you're definitely needing new cpu and motherboard to accept it now . GFX Card should be mostely ok. Soundcard (if used) should still be fine. Your Power supply is prolly shot tho for newer systems. You may even have a baby at in there if its pii era (you can tell the difference in that ATX shuts off the computer automatically when you shut down windows, Baby AT req's you manualy push the power button). Either or, a new atx psu is in order. Now, the case, HOPEFULLY is standard ATX then, but it might not be, so you may need a new case. Then for the CPU you'll need a new heatsink/fan and some semi decent thermal cmpd (don't buy radio shack they have shitty thermal cmpd, trust me :) Ok so that new cpu, hsf, ram, psu, case, thermal cmpd, and motherboard.

Anyway, i did some shopping for you and here are my suggestions. Like I say tho, only suggestions, you may not need/want everything on that list but it'll pretty much get you up to speed. The cpu should overclock nicely and with a decent hsf cooling shouldn't be a prob. The antec PSU has plenty of juice. I just picked the case cos i like it damnit ;) The ram is the cheapest name brand pc3200 they have and the mother board has plenty of extras (onboard Soundstorm sound =dolby digital out ot your home theater if you like, using winamp,games,etc..., dual 100mpbs lan, firewire, serial ata, 8x agp, dual channel ddr.) Overclocking on it is as simple as changing bios settings (its what i use personally to run my XP 2700 (originally 2.16ghz/333mhz fsb now at 2.3ghz/400mhz fsb). Other than that perhaps you should invest in a few extra case fans just to make sure.

Just transfer over your HDDS and hook up that old monitor and you should be set. BTW i thru in the lite on all in one drive because its cheap, lite on is quality, and it will burn and read just about whatever you need (yah yah, it ain't dual layered dvd burning, but blah, 8x = 8minutes for 4.3gb burn :) Anyway, these are just some pointers. I'm just suggesting amd because 1.) I know them, 2.) I'll only use them and 3.) they're cheaper than equivalent p4's. Good luck and enjoy shopping.

edit - damn, made a mistake and picked the a7n8x non deluxe, the A7N8X-E Deluxe for $84 is what you'd want (the -E is the one that has a built in port for a wireless network adapter from asus)

_ _ - - = = Pr3tty F1y = = - - _ _

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