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SubjectOkay, here's the deal: Reply to this message
Posted byTheFett
Posted on08/26/04 00:16 AM

Cool, man, thanks for taking the time to do that for me. I appreciate.

As for the case... whaddya think of THIS fucker?


Helluva thing, huh? Looks like it belongs on Transformers.

CD/DVD Drive: I don't burn CDs or DVDs, mainly because I use my laptop to access the internet, and thusly I never have any reason to transfer documents from one place to another. Not even to listen in the car. So I don't need one that writes, just one that plays.

I don't know anything about overclocking or changing BIOS settings. I know nothing about computers except how to turn them on, change some stuff, and put in new graphics cards. Aside from that, I'm clueless.

I'll use your suggestions wisely.

> > So, in summation:
> >
> > Windows 98 (I'm going to keep this.)
> > Pentium II that goes under 600 mhz
> > 256 MB RAM (obsolete)
> > Geforce FX 5900 Ultra 256MB
> > SB LIVE! Value with SB 16 emulation (no EAX)
> > 77 GB total hard drive
> > Old monitor (would upgrade except it'd cost too much money for little gain)
> > Toshiba 4.8x32 CD/DVD-ROM drive
> Ok, your Ram is prolly EDO ram, its dead, gone, etc... you prolly missed SDRam
> completely ;) The PII is a Slot CPU (think snes cartrige) the P4 is a pinned
> chip, so you're definitely needing new cpu and motherboard to accept it now .
> GFX Card should be mostely ok. Soundcard (if used) should still be fine. Your
> Power supply is prolly shot tho for newer systems. You may even have a baby at
> in there if its pii era (you can tell the difference in that ATX shuts off the
> computer automatically when you shut down windows, Baby AT req's you manualy
> push the power button). Either or, a new atx psu is in order. Now, the case,
> HOPEFULLY is standard ATX then, but it might not be, so you may need a new case.
> Then for the CPU you'll need a new heatsink/fan and some semi decent thermal
> cmpd (don't buy radio shack they have shitty thermal cmpd, trust me :) Ok so
> that new cpu, hsf, ram, psu, case, thermal cmpd, and motherboard.
> Anyway, i did some shopping for you and here are my suggestions. Like I say tho,
> only suggestions, you may not need/want everything on that list but it'll pretty
> much get you up to speed. The cpu should overclock nicely and with a decent hsf
> cooling shouldn't be a prob. The antec PSU has plenty of juice. I just picked
> the case cos i like it damnit ;) The ram is the cheapest name brand pc3200 they
> have and the mother board has plenty of extras (onboard Soundstorm sound =dolby
> digital out ot your home theater if you like, using winamp,games,etc..., dual
> 100mpbs lan, firewire, serial ata, 8x agp, dual channel ddr.) Overclocking on
> it is as simple as changing bios settings (its what i use personally to run my
> XP 2700 (originally 2.16ghz/333mhz fsb now at 2.3ghz/400mhz fsb). Other than
> that perhaps you should invest in a few extra case fans just to make sure.
> Just transfer over your HDDS and hook up that old monitor and you should be set.
> BTW i thru in the lite on all in one drive because its cheap, lite on is
> quality, and it will burn and read just about whatever you need (yah yah, it
> ain't dual layered dvd burning, but blah, 8x = 8minutes for 4.3gb burn :)
> Anyway, these are just some pointers. I'm just suggesting amd because 1.) I
> know them, 2.) I'll only use them and 3.) they're cheaper than equivalent p4's.
> Good luck and enjoy shopping.
> edit - damn, made a mistake and picked the a7n8x non deluxe, the A7N8X-E Deluxe
> for $84 is what you'd want (the -E is the one that has a built in port for a
> wireless network adapter from asus)
> _ _ - - = = Pr3tty F1y = = - - _ _

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