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SubjectRe: Okay, okay, back up... Reply to this message
Posted byPr3tty F1y
Posted on08/26/04 02:14 PM

> Okay, I'll use my case. But as for the mobo... now let me get what you said
> straight. If I buy the A7N8X, I'll need a "regular" plate to go on back? And
> what, by the way, did you mean by wireless adapter-- I... I don't think I need
> one of those, but what is it?
> After the case and mobo, I'll need the CPU and shit, right?
> And could you dumb it down just a tad for me next time?

OK, just make sure your case has a removable ioshield, beacuse the a7n8x (no matter if its the Deluxe, -E Deluxe, -VM, or -X) will need a special one.

You will still need a new atx power supply then, because a PII era power supply still isnt' evnough today.

and for the A7N8X-E Deluxe's special wireless adapter, its not that it comes with a wireless network adapter, it just has a special asus proprietary port for Asus's special wireless adapter. Thats the only real difference of the A7N8X Deluxe (lacking the port) and the A7N8X-E Deluxe with the port. Either way, you'll want the Deluxe version as it has all the bells and whistles like the Dolby Digital Encoding/Decoding via the Soundstorm built in sound (comes with a coaxial 5.1 digital out), the Serial ATA hard disk interface (still has ports for the old parallell ata which your hdds are, too), it has Firewire, and dual channel ddr support (which isn't really that big of a deal, but it does boost your mem's performance slightly).

As for over clocking in the bios, basically you pres the DELETE key on boot up (has a msg about it at the bottom of your screen when you first turn on the pc, for older pc's it may not be DELETE, it maybe F1 or if its a Dell/Gateway/etc... they may mask it with a logo so you don't see it). Anyway, it brings you to a configuration screen and with the nforce2 you can just pick the cpu fsb, memspeed, and fsb multiplier to get whatever speed your cpu can handle. Any other questions or things i didn't explain well enough, just ask.

_ _ - - = = Pr3tty F1y = = - - _ _

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