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SubjectOops. Reply to this message
Posted byTheFett
Posted on08/26/04 05:49 PM

Well, I've already gone ahead and purchased a refurbished "X" model, which has a Realtek ALC650 audio codec with 6 channels, not as good as a Dolby. It comes with USB 2.0, but I dunno about 1394 (not that it matters- I've grown used to installing my own stuff). As for the other stuff... it doesn't sound like it's THAT much better-- I'm just using it for games.

The price was right for the refurb ($30), as opposed to like $80 for retail. Now let's see if it'll work. If it don't, I'll send it back.

Oh, yeah. HOW DO YOU INSTALL A MOTHERBOARD?! I don't think you can just plug everything in and expect it to boot up, can you? Surely configuration is part of the game, correct?

Can you link me to an article?

> > Okay, I'll use my case. But as for the mobo... now let me get what you said
> > straight. If I buy the A7N8X, I'll need a "regular" plate to go on back? And
> > what, by the way, did you mean by wireless adapter-- I... I don't think I need
> > one of those, but what is it?
> >
> > After the case and mobo, I'll need the CPU and shit, right?
> >
> > And could you dumb it down just a tad for me next time?
> OK, just make sure your case has a removable ioshield, beacuse the a7n8x (no
> matter if its the Deluxe, -E Deluxe, -VM, or -X) will need a special one.
> You will still need a new atx power supply then, because a PII era power supply
> still isnt' evnough today.
> and for the A7N8X-E Deluxe's special wireless adapter, its not that it comes
> with a wireless network adapter, it just has a special asus proprietary port for
> Asus's special wireless adapter. Thats the only real difference of the A7N8X
> Deluxe (lacking the port) and the A7N8X-E Deluxe with the port. Either way,
> you'll want the Deluxe version as it has all the bells and whistles like the
> Dolby Digital Encoding/Decoding via the Soundstorm built in sound (comes with a
> coaxial 5.1 digital out), the Serial ATA hard disk interface (still has ports
> for the old parallell ata which your hdds are, too), it has Firewire, and dual
> channel ddr support (which isn't really that big of a deal, but it does boost
> your mem's performance slightly).
> As for over clocking in the bios, basically you pres the DELETE key on boot up
> (has a msg about it at the bottom of your screen when you first turn on the pc,
> for older pc's it may not be DELETE, it maybe F1 or if its a Dell/Gateway/etc...
> they may mask it with a logo so you don't see it). Anyway, it brings you to a
> configuration screen and with the nforce2 you can just pick the cpu fsb,
> memspeed, and fsb multiplier to get whatever speed your cpu can handle. Any
> other questions or things i didn't explain well enough, just ask.
> _ _ - - = = Pr3tty F1y = = - - _ _

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