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SubjectAsus A7V8X-X and memory incompability... Reply to this message
Posted byDeath Knight
Posted on01/24/05 10:38 PM

I've had this issue before, but it seemed fixed this last time i put a new stick of ram in this mobo, but after a week using it, it spat in my face.

If i used both sticks ( 512 each ), the machine would reset, or bsd, or gimme baaad lock ups in games, etc. If each one was used solely, it worked fine. A friend of mine who works with this stuff and another guy who sells comp. parts told me that this pos mobo has had plenty of complaints because of this sort of stuff.

What i'd like to ask you is if any of you can confirm this shittyness and know of any possible sollution, or combination of ram brands that won't give me shit. ( please, nothing surreal to me like kingstons and the like, if that's the only way, i'll have to stay on 512 and suck it up )

Gives us a kiss precious.

SubjectRe: Asus A7V8X-X and memory incompability... new Reply to this message
Posted byjajig
Posted on04/07/05 05:51 AM

use both sticks but at reduced timings and everything should be ok. At least it use to be in the old days like when my computer is from.

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