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SubjectUncle Owen, this hard drive unit's got a bad motivator, look! Reply to this message
Posted bywildcat
Posted on06/12/06 11:34 PM

> Sometimes when I power on my computer, my HD won't spin up at all and instead
> I'll get some bootcode error at startup when my computer is detecting drives.
> There is also a green light that constantly flashes on the underside of the HD
> when this happens. Usually I'll have to try a number of things to get it
> working, like power off and then unplug the HD power cable or IDE cable and then
> turn the power back on, but now it seems random whether or not my HD will work
> properly or not when I power on. Any idea what the problem might be? I've
> already backed up all the data on it, just wondering if the HD is fixable.

Most likely the motor or controller circuitry is shot or close to it. There is a possibility that something's not seating/parking properly on shutdown, which the drive will sense and not allow the platters to spin up since everything's not in the right place and stuff could get damaged. In that case, a good smack might bump things back into alignment (vis a vis iPods), but if this is a desktop hard drive, it's probably better to just write it off, since desktop drives aren't meant to be as active as notebook and smaller drives, and a good smack is as likely to permakill it as fix it.

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