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SubjectRe: Kinda lost my crunching farm Reply to this message
Posted bybluejaywpg
Posted on07/02/07 01:36 PM

> > Wha's up guys?
> New wave of demo units, and I was starting to get shit about having it on there
> ("What's this 'bionic' thing?"), so I left it off. :^/

In my case I occasionally get computers on a personal level to repair. While I have them, I'll load BOINC & then I usually take it off once I'm done. Besides the "bonus" WUs, it's actually a useful tool. I like to see how the computer performs & if it's performing badly under BOINC then I know I probably have to see if there's another computer issue before returning it to its owner.

There are 2 exceptions - my father-in-law's computer which was a gift from me. I left BOINC there & he has no clue about it. He won't notice anything anyway. & my neighbour's computer. I installed a new hard drive - labour for free (we do favours for each other - we're so neighbourly) & he said that his computer runs better after the new drive was installed so he's happy & doesn't care about the big B in his tray LOL.

> > Everybody shutting off their computers between games to reduce global warming
> or
> > what?
> Global warming, my ass; try apartment warming. My computer was on most of the
> day the other day (strange things can happen after a system crash while the
> modem's running; the computer thinks it's a receptionist), and I swear it was
> hotter inside than outside.
> I live in Tucson. You do the math.

When I saw your output not rise up after SETI went down, I thought maybe you were ignoring your computers & didn't bother to check them after SETI went back up. Then I thought maybe your A/C died (I remembered from before that you live in Arizona) or you finally decided to shut off computers to reduce your living space's temperature from 60C to 50C (what's that - 140-120F?).

In my case, electricity is dirt cheap here in Manitoba but I still wanted to reduce the hydro bill & reduce heat in the house. Ventilation is a tad poor & we have a 2nd floor which gets warmer like any 2nd floor. So only 2 computers (the media PC & server) are on 24/7 in the summer. 3 others (the ones each of us use for our own use) are shut off at night. Then there's the other server which has been shut down for the summer. And the upstairs PC in the main bedroom which is usually off unless I decide to use it before going to sleep so maybe 30 minutes a day it's on. Then when we go on summer vacation, I'll also shut off my server - so it will mean only 1 computer on for 1 week straight plus the laptop part-time which we'll have with us.

Once winter comes back, all of the computers will be on 24/7. It actually makes the house more comfy by having "little heaters" all over the place! :)

I like to think I'm "doing my part" to reduce global warming by doing it this way but I'll do much better once I replace my truck with a small car (would love to get a hybrid!)...

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