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SubjectRe: In Tucson? Hardly *ed* Reply to this message
Posted bywildcat
Posted on01/19/08 02:46 PM

> > > Good going Wildcat.
> > > Was the house getting too cold?
> >
> > I've not once, in eight years (as of, uh, last Thursday) turned the heat on
> > during winter. I'd like to think, having grown up with Chicago winters, that
> > I'm made of sterner stuff than to think that 3 C is actually cold...
> I'm in the middle of a 2 week business trip to Toronto right now. I feel the
> same way. The temperature has been hitting a high of somewhere close to 0C
> which is relative paradise to me. Back home? A cold snap just hit & the highs
> are somewhere around -20 to -25C. I'm telling some Toronto co-workers & they
> can't even imagine it that cold.

I can. The week before I left to come out here (first week of January '99), it snowed like 60 cm, then two days later the clouds went away and it dropped to -30 (F? C? Does it really matter at that point?). It doesn't happen often in Chicago, though (the last time I remember the temps being that low before then was 1983).

> But the thing is - Toronto feels colder than it actually is because it's a
> humid cold. Winnipeg has a dry cold that makes it feel a little better and
> much more sunlight. It's been overcast here almost the entire time - I feel
> sun-deprived!

Whenever I start to feel sun-deprived in the middle of winter, I think about "albedo" and "reflectivity" and "loss of energy through the atmosphere" and "blanketing effect of clouds" and thank $DEITY$ that it's cloudy and (relatively) warm, rather than the alternative. :^)

> Although you can't compare 0 to -25 regardless of what other factors there are.
> I'm wearing a sweater when most people here are wearing jackets heh.

I went for a bike ride a couple weeks ago, and should've done on New Year's. It was nice, up around 20. Now we're back to below freezing overnights.

> I guess the dry heat of Arizona would have a similar effect compared to say
> Florida heat.

True, but when the air temperature is higher than your body temperature, it's pretty fucking miserable in short order, dry heat or no. I went home a few summers ago, and they were in the middle of a drought and heat wave, so it was up in the mid-30s every day, and even with the extra humidity, it wasn't so bad. I've never been to Florida (or anywhere else in the southeast US), so I can't really compare, but you'll not hear me complaining anymore about temperatures that still allow the air to act as a heat sink rather than a heat source.

> > (That said, I actually did leave the computer on for a few days straight a
> > couple times over the holidays, and it did just about nothing to the temperature
> > that I could tell. Summers, OTOH...)
> 1 computer seems to make little difference. But if you have several computers
> and the temperature dips to 0, you will usually notice that you won't have to
> turn on the heat. Or at least that's what I notice. I live in an old house -
> who knows how much heat leaks away even with the work I've done to it to seal
> doors etc.

One computer in winter, yes (although I'm in a studio apartment, so it's less than 100 m³, so a few hundred extra watts go further), but one computer in summer makes things miserable inside.

> > It's actually one of the work computers. I'm probably going to reinstall BOINC
> > at one point or another on most of our demos, but Vista and BOINC don't play
> > together nicely at all, so I have to run BOINC as a service. It seems to be
> > working OK that way, though (since the CR is apparently chugging through units
> > very nicely), and it's more hidden (no systray icon), so I think I'll do it that
> > way until BOINC 6 comes out.
> All you have to do is disable BOINCMGR from startup & you have no systray icon.
> As long as BOINC runs as a service, it will just chug along. This is true of
> Vista & XP.

Actually, the way these computers are set up is there's an admin account and a user account, and the user one autologins on start. With the service setup the manager only comes up on the admin account (the user account can't manage BOINC, and there's not much you need to do anyway).

The problem with Vista is that it's convinced that BOINC is trying to hijack your system or some shit, so it won't even let it run until you clear it. That's why the SZ has a much lower RAC than the CR... the SZ was set up as a shared install, while the CR was set up as a service, so you had to manually tell the SZ to start crunching. Of course, neither of them have called home in a few days, so I gotta see what's up with that. The XP boxes are much less bitchy.

> > I'm actually surprised Ziggy is chugging through units as well as he is, since
> > he's only on a few hours per day.
> >
> > Oh, wait, you can't see my computer's names, can you? Ziggy is 613824, the AMD
> > with an identity crisis. (The SZ and CR are 4134056 and 4134237, respectively.
> > Now that the SZ is running service, it should catch up to the CR pretty quick.)
> >
> > Now the question I have is, can you do it like this in OS X? I'd rather not
> > have any icons in the dock, or the menu bar, or anywhere. And we're going to
> > get The Ocho sooner or later...
> No idea on a Mac - see if it's set up like a service like Windows if you can
> just stop BOINCMGR from running.

Yeah, there's stuff on the BOINC website about making BOINC run as a daemon service, disabling the manager, etc. I'll look into it when I have a bit more time.

> The OCHO? What's that? An 8-CPU-core?

The new Mac Pro. Dual quad-core Harpertowns at 2.8 GHz. To sum up in three words:

Fap. Fap. Fap.

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