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SubjectRe: Good News Reply to this message
Posted byUncleVom
Posted on04/13/08 08:33 PM

> Well that must be a relief. A bad motherboard is a big

Hopefully my RAC will start to recover, I was a sitting duck ready to be pounced on by felis notebookis wildus. ;-)

I actually bought an inexpensive motherboard an Asrock 4Core1600P35-WiFi to tide me over, after having tested all the separate components as OK on another machine it seemed like the thing to do.
It's sitting there in a box and I'm thinking.....(To be continued.)

> I actually thought I might have to RMA my motherboard for my Quad too. I was having issues with it freezing, rebooting, & reporting the wrong amount of RAM.
> Well after reading forums on ASUS' website, I had to manually set the NB & RAM voltages manually in the BIOS &, oddly, there is a memory hole when the BUS speed is set to 800 MHz (same as what my RAM is supposed to be at).

Most boards default to the standard 1.8v for DDR2, most high performance RAM will run at that voltage with slack default timings but most require something over 2.0 volts to run to maximum specs. A lot of times a hole in the speed range is an indication of an unsuitable default timing parameter in the BIOS setup. Wade through this article and get to the section on tRD, interesting stuff

> So the solution is to change it - so logically I overclocked it instead of underclocking.

You're on the right track then :)

>Also I upgraded my video card & found out my UPS is no longer powerful enough to support my PC so I'm bypassing it at the moment.

Don't get me going about consumer grade UPS and the nightmares I have seen, a decent powerbar and a journaling file system makes for a pretty safe system IMO.

> And at the same time I figured I would overclock the CPU by 7.5%. Still had 3 freezups since but only when playing Titan Quest so I may have to slow it back down. CPU temp is around 51-53 C so I assume it's OK.

Yours is a GO stepping so it is rated to 71C by Intel so I think that is safe enough. My B3 stepping is rated to 62C but running the Thermalright Ultra 120 Extreme cooler it stays in the low to mid 40's @ 100% load despite the hotter running B3 chip with the Voltage at 1.325 and and 8 x 400 clock.

If you are using automatic setting to achieve your overclock switch to manual and bump the CPU voltage up a bit. IIRC the maximum voltage to maintain the warranty is 1.3 volts, check the CPU box to be sure, that might cure the instability.
Find and install Prime95 v2.56. I find it is a quick way to test for instability when playing with BIOS settings and that version works all cores at once.

>Though I am using the fan that came with the CPU so I wonder if I should upgrade the fan.

A good idea for an overclock, cool is good, I started with the Arctic Cooling Freezer 7 Pro, which did a pretty good job and was cheap from DirectCanada, I have since switched to the above mentioned Thermalright which dropped the temperature a couple more degrees, but the thing is tall and may not fit in a narrow case.

Happy crunching,


PS Don't forget to tune in for the next weeks episode "Culling On The Farm".

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