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SubjectVerify ROMs on the Mac using Lesminni Reply to this message
Posted bysqueelch
Posted on06/03/09 09:05 AM

I am a Mac user and have been searching for a way to proof/verify/audit ROMs and really come up against a brick wall. I originally tried on the PC with a Program called ClrMAMEPro, but it was so difficult and I was switching to Mac so didn't want to rely on a PC solution.

I went through everything and was told about an application called Lesminni, well the guy has just updated it but I cannot get it to work for me. I put this down to not even being able to work ClrMAMEPro even with the tutorials and I've really worked at this.

So I was wondering if anybody would like to try the latest build at github:

I tell you, even getting it to work was difficult, copying hidden files and all that but when I got it up and running guess what - its didn't really do anything.

All I want to do it verify a ROM, so that it is free from being hacked and will play as it originally did. So if anybody has access to a Mac and doesn't mind trying it out then please let me know thanks.