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Posted bywildcat
Posted on07/20/01 00:13 AM

Me and my whopping 48 units. I guess I'll have to put S@H back on my system, although I'll not be able to contribute much (1 WU every 17 hr of uptime. K6 suxors).

And, your Uncleship, your 1783 units and 2.853 years did transfer. You currently lead by 1735 units and, oh, 24000 hours.

> Every good hardware forum has a SETI team. Just check out the top 100 teams.
> Sun microsystems, Intel,, Anandtech, and tons of others are
> among the best teams.

Well, most... No [H]ard|OCP, they're doing Folding@Home.

> My proposition? We need a SETI@home team! It's a free little
> 800kb program that runs as a screen saver, has NO spyware, and is fun to watch
> =P. If you are overclocking your PC this is a great program to check for
> stability. Should it error out alot chances are you need to peel back a few
> mhz.

Better yet, use the WinNT commandline client (if you're using Win98 or better, or Win95 with Winsock 2). You'll lose the pretty screensaver, but you'll generally shave about 10% off your time, which is significant when your FPU consists of 15 Benedictine monks. You can get a lot of speed tips here (but don't join them, you fuckin' traitors!).

This Universe never did make sense; I suspect that it was built on government contract.

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