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SubjectBoard title change Reply to this message
Posted bybluejaywpg
Posted on07/19/02 12:32 PM

Due to some confusion about whether or not some topics are on or off-topic, I made a slight change to the name of this board. You'll notice it's now got a very nice & short :) name: Hardware & Software Tech Support & SETI@home Discussion.

For those that aren't sure, this is a reiteration of the rules of this board:

What is on-topic: Anything related to computer hardware, software, etc. Console questions are OK too. Even the odd non-computer help question is OK but if non-computer topics become too prevalent then I'll have to put an end to those topics. Asking for free files such as drivers, freeware/shareware is OK along with posting links to such files. Opinions on any hardware or software are OK. Note that software covered by other boards (I.E. emulators) is OK here but you might want to post on the relevant board as well.

What is off-topic: Asking for warez, ROMs, cracks, serial #s, or anything else that requires money to buy. Posting links to those types of files is also off-topic. Flaming other users that post here is off-topic but flaming companies (I.E. companies that release/sell poor products) is on-topic.

What happens to off-topic posts? They will be locked or deleted, &/or edited as necessary. In extreme cases a ban may be imposed.

If you're not sure about something then just ask. I'll be happy to help & clarify. The users of this board do a GREAT job of keeping this board clean & on-topic. Off-topic posts are quite rare.

If possible, when posting links, make them hyperlinks. To do that, do either:
which becomes after replacing } & { with ] & [ symbols:
{a href="}Insert text label here{/a}
which becomes after replacing } & { with > & < symbols:
Insert text label here
Note that this is just a request - no one will be banned or otherwise warned for not doing this. It would be nice if the boards were made to automatically turn links into hyperlinks but unfortunately this will probably not happen anytime soon.

Lastly thank you to all those that answer questions & help out other users, or provide any relevant & helpful info. You're help & advice is much appreciated!!! :)

Hardware/Tech Support Moderator

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