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Gaming Today 46 Posts Last Post: 11/26/20 00:35 AM
Discuss the (next-generation) consoles and/or PC games you are playing today!
Computer Emulation 458 Posts Last Post: 11/18/20 07:07 AM
Old Computers Don't Die, They Just Get Emulated.
MAMECE3 Discussion and Support 3282 Posts Last Post: 08/22/20 08:53 AM
Discuss MAME running on PocketPCs and PsPCs. (www.mameworld.net/mamece3)
Suggestions 2575 Posts Last Post: 08/03/20 10:29 AM
Constructive comments and suggestions about the new board. "It sucks" and "Gimme my old boards" are not constructive; yet are being posted anyway. Geez, people!!
Pinball! 1649 Posts Last Post: 02/19/20 05:45 AM
Please keep all discussion related to Pinball!!
Off Topic DISCUSSION! All your base are belong to us!! 181 Posts Last Post: 10/29/20 04:23 AM
craterface's legacy!! For serious topics and anything that might not fit in CA. Be civil!!
Capcom Emulation Board - Reclosed!! 14 Posts Last Post: 10/22/17 11:58 AM
Capcom emulation!
General Emulation 6014 Posts Last Post: 11/26/20 04:17 PM
Any emulation not covered below. Taking you back to a time when spambots on forums weren't a thing.
Neo-Geo Emulation - Read Iron Man's 300 Posts Last Post: 02/03/18 02:40 AM
Neo·Geo Emulation - PLEASE, no ROM begging or unlicensed MAME's here. KThx. And yes, I am dead.
Console Emulation - Ask for a rom, get kicked in the head 288 Posts Last Post: 02/04/17 03:49 AM
Emulators for or on home gaming systems
CUrreNT AffaiRS(e) 43467 Posts Last Post: 09/01/20 10:36 AM
Join the Retrogames Refugees Facebook group. It's invite only so PM me for admittance.
Hardware & Software Tech Support & BOINC/SETI@home Discussion 606 Posts Last Post: 09/08/20 03:29 PM
Ask about your computer problems here. Skilled technicians on hand. :)
Oh & while you're at it, JOIN THE RETROGAMES BOINC SETI@HOME TEAM!!! Click here to read about it... We're rockin' the RAC!!! :)

Emu Programming 564 Posts Last Post: 10/27/20 04:32 AM
Emulator programming
This board is as dead as I am inside. 442 Posts Last Post: 01/30/17 09:10 AM

System 16
Sega Museum Board 1259 Posts Last Post: 08/06/11 04:10 PM
*Rom Requests will get you banned, there are no roms on System16 and I do not know how to get them, asking for where to download roms is not allowed either

*Any abusive posts will be banned, traced and the relevant internet companies informed of abusive behaviour


clrmame Discussion 4511 Posts Last Post: 11/11/17 06:29 AM
This is where you discuss all things good and bad about clrmame. Suggestions and other things also welcome, of course.
All times are EST