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*I don't know if it's artCereal Killer  0   12/01/05 04:08 PM
*Snyder that was pretty dumb of you to get caughtCereal Killer  2new12/04/05 09:26 PM
*n2locarz you da bombCereal Killer  1new12/03/05 03:21 AM
*Next time set it to fluff dryCereal Killer  2new12/07/05 07:11 PM
*We finally get a good South ParkCereal Killer  22new12/12/05 06:55 PM
*Just say Merry ChristmasCereal Killer  0   12/09/05 06:00 PM
*Arnie smokes TookieCereal Killer  2new12/15/05 10:52 PM
*She's been practicingCereal Killer  4new12/15/05 10:51 PM
*Holy CrapCereal Killer  2new12/15/05 10:42 PM
*Gaming Yesterday forum pic is gonna give nightmares -nt-Cereal Killer  3new12/15/05 10:40 PM
*New drinking game, "Jew Shots"Cereal Killer  7new12/29/05 05:24 PM
*There's always an equal and opposite downsideCereal Killer  0   01/03/06 03:42 PM
*WE WANT TO KNOW WHY!Cereal Killer  4new01/04/06 06:34 PM
*Wacthed a guy get hit by a carCereal Killer  7new01/09/06 02:26 AM
*Elmo is gonna kill you on the pottyCereal Killer  5new01/11/06 10:38 AM
*People looking at goatseCereal Killer  8new01/15/06 04:10 PM
*Wendy's chili bitches get the ass rapeCereal Killer  10new01/21/06 02:55 AM
*I'll sue you in EnglandCereal Killer  1new01/19/06 04:54 PM
*This would be a funny prankCereal Killer  5new01/22/06 01:32 PM
*Chinese trains are stinkyCereal Killer  3new01/26/06 11:01 AM
*How bad do you think this can hurt someone?Cereal Killer  8new01/27/06 04:30 PM
*I did a Roushi. Emeryville Toy R Us is closingCereal Killer  0   01/27/06 09:51 PM
*Sorry guys, I couldn't get to my video phone in timeCereal Killer  2new01/31/06 00:55 AM
*I wonder if Coretta Scott King died because she saw the Boondocks -nt-Cereal Killer  2new02/01/06 00:09 AM
*Totally fucking funnyCereal Killer  5new02/07/06 09:14 AM
*Boo Boo the chickenCereal Killer  0   02/08/06 03:20 PM
*So if she had to buy a ticket for a second seatCereal Killer  8new02/09/06 03:28 AM
*Hey posty, remember your rabbit fucking the ballon?Cereal Killer  3new02/16/06 10:51 PM
*Who wants candy?Cereal Killer  1new02/13/06 12:26 PM
*Why Satsu wants to be a copCereal Killer  2new02/15/06 12:31 PM
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